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  1. http://www.destructoid.com/friend-codes-officially-a-thing-of-the-past-on-wii-u-238173.phtml No more Friend Codes! "Accounts on Wii U" [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwNJvCBNQPQ]Accounts on Wii U - YouTube[/ame]
  2. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xA10s8P4Hy8]Borderlands 2: How To Get To Creature Slaughter Dome - YouTube[/ame] 1. Videos have already been made for the location and description. 2. Said videos don't include pointless narration while you run around in circles in-game needlessly. That was a serious distraction and at first made it seem like you were running to the location, when it was pointless BS.
  3. http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/all-things-nintendo/171674-wii-u-information-thread.html I thought I should provide a link since I am more active on the X360A's sister site PS3T. The linked thread is being as up-to-date as possible on prices and info on the Wii U. If permitted by a mod, I can copy and paste the same information onto this thread as well.
  4. Official Wii U Website: http://www.nintendo.com/wiiu OfficiaL Wii U Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WiiU UPDATE: The entire Wii U Preview Presentation is available to be viewed on Nintendo's YouTube page! As of 09/22/2012, this video can also be viewed on your 3DS, as well as a few other trailers regarding the Wii U and the upcoming games! [ame] [/ame] Release Date: Japan - December 8, 2012 (OFFICIAL) North America - November 18, 2012 (OFFICIAL) Europe - November 30, 2012 (OFFICIAL) Price: 8GB (White) - $299.99 (OFFICIAL) This will include a white console, white Game Pad, an AC adapter and a HDMI cable. 32GB (Black) - $349.99 (OFFICIAL) This will include a black console, black Game Pad, an AC adapter, a HDMI cable, a Game Pad dock, a console stand, Nintendo Land, and a two-year Nintendo Network Premium subscription (until December 2014). Additional Details: Nintendo Network - Nintendo's Online Service, equivalent of PSN/XBL. **It is not confirmed if the online service will be free or a paid service, and Nintendo has said they "cannot promise" it will always be free.** Nintendo Network Premium - A rewards program, similar to Club Nintendo. Purchasing a game on the Wii U when a Premium member will give you 10% of your purchase in points that can be redeemed for more games/DLC. **Will supposedly only be offered until December 2014.** Extra Wii U GamePad (the controller) costs ¥13,440 (~$170). The system has 2GB of memory, 1GB for system memory plus 1GB for games. Wii U uses its own optical disc format with up to 25GB of data and the system has a 22.5 MB/sec disc read rate. Nintendo TVii - A TV service that will allow you to connect with all your On Demand services as well as your local TV and access them all on one hub! You will be able to personalize based on your interested, it will have a digital remote display on the GamePad, you can send recommendations to your friends, and the GamePad will provide up to date "moments" throughout the show you are watching. This will allow you to "share" a particular scene you just watched, comment on it, rate the scene, or answer questions about the scene. Nintendo TVii will be a free service provided and inluded in all Wii U consoles, both Basic and Deluxe! Bayonetta 2 - A Wii U exclusive! The Wonderful 101 - a Pikmin-esque action game from Platinum Games! Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - WOW! Wii U games will retail at $59.99! The Wii U Pro Controller will retail at $49.99! It was been confirmed that as of right now Nintendo does not plan on selling the GamePad separately in North America, because there is currently no games that require/allow a second GamePad, and they do not wish to confused costumers into thinking they need to purchase a second GamePad! (Source:http://www.computerandvideogames.com/368439/no-standalone-wii-u-gamepads-for-us-retail-says-nintendo/) *Credit for information goes to vava* Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed that the Wii U can support up to 3TB of external HDD expansion! (Source: http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/13/wii-u-memory-tivo-dvr/) **UPDATE - In the provided link below, it has been confirmed that games for the Wii U will be priced at $59.99, and the Pro Controller will be $49.99! http://www.joystiq.com/2012/09/13/wii-u-games-cost-59-99-wii-u-pro-controller-priced-at-49-99/ ** Wii U Pro Controller (available in Black or White) - $49.99/each Nintendo TVii [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08O0G9CjcI8]Wii U - Nintendo TVii Trailer - YouTube[/ame] Upcoming Announced Games Bayonetta 2 (Wii U EXCLUSIVE!) [ame] [/ame] The Wonderful 101 [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XzUct7SpdE]Wii U - The Wonderful 101 Trailer - YouTube[/ame] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Gameplay Nintendo Land Call of Duty: Black Ops II If anyone else has any pictures or info also to provide/add to this, please feel free to chime in ! Without a doubt, the Wii U will be my next "main" console of the three (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft)! It would be nice to maybe see some other companies step up in the console market perhaps too! Game on, everyone!
  5. Hey there, good lookin' ;)!

  6. I don't use this site often (since I'm mostly a PS3 gamer), but I just now came across this, and I have to say that was extremely rude and unnecessary. Yes, I know Emi personally. We're long distance pen pals, and she has sung a few songs out of personal request before. No, this is not even close to the genre of "nu metal", and her contribution to the song may not have been much, but it was still beautiful. Anything else can be exchanged through PM.
  7. I got your add, Dark Link IV! I need to get Gold again for my XBL, but my wife still has hers and would appreciate the help! Thanks !
  8. My wife is going crazy trying to figure out what she is doing wrong for the Crayon Box, 2-10 (2-3-2). Here is a link to the guide and it's description... http://www.mcfallweb.com/xbox/beautifulkatamari/?ITEM=LDKDJDGDGDBEFDFDCDZDBDCDZCAD The description says, "Looks like there's room for 14 things. You have collected 13." She keeps going to the level, picking up a crayon box, completing the level, and this doesn't change. Can someone give some help on this? Thank you!
  9. Me and my wife are looking for people that want to work together and get the 5 online trophies! I know this game has been around for a while now, but we are big Katamari fans, and yet never got around to playing the 360 version of the series! We're looking to get "Online Roller", "Frequent Oneline Roller", "Resident Online Roller", "100 Cookies", and "1,000 Cookies"! GT: Zyzxx Infinity My wife's GT: Galaga Queen Feel free to send us Friend Request on XBL, and be sure and mention you are from X360A and wanting to work together on Beautiful Katamari! Thanks!
  10. Same here. This and the Lego series are what my wife are borderline obsessed with!
  11. For those with a Kinect, I'd recommend Fruit Ninja Kinect. My wife loves playing Fruit Ninja on her Android, and when she saw this in the Marketplace, we immediately had to get it! Not sure if it's worth paying 800 Microsoft Points for, but...it's still fun! Just be careful when playing 2 Player !
  12. The The Things is the one and only movie to absolutely TERRIFY me when I was younger. And although I don't expect this movie to come close to the original, I am still interested and plan to see what happened to the original Norwegian team who uncovered the alien first.
  13. Zyzxx

    Introduce a band

    Artist: freesscape Genre: Alternative / Ambient / Electronica Songs: "Next Confusion", "Mirage", "Now is the point at which I touch eternity" Album: "Now is the point at which I touch eternity" The singer is Emi Evans, and if you loved her voice in Nier, you'll love freescape.
  14. What does everyone think of the theme song for the game? Emi Evans is a good friend of mine, and I think she has a heavenly voice! She also provided the vocals for the soundtrack of Nier.
  15. Me and my wife finished watching The Walking Dead on Netflix, and we're waiting for the Season 2 premiere on AMC tomorrow!
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