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  1. Yeah i don't think you can tell until you have all the other friends. If the achievement pops good if not the reason is most likely Clyde.
  2. Yep. Had to replay game after missing him on first playthrough. You need to talk to him before talking to Cartman to start the tutorial.
  3. This glitch was addressed day one. The actual thread is like four below where yours is posted. The problem is trying to do the battle with Cartman and sometimes Kyle. But again could have saved you time by just checking the threads first.
  4. You have just made me realize what happened in my first playthrough. My game glitched during the tutorial and I had to restart even though it took my right back to where I was in the tutorial upon restart I bet it glitched Clyde too. Well already 100% the game, but I was baffled that I didn't get the achievement on the first playthrough. Thanks for the clear up.
  5. I just saw the title of this thread and thought who would have ever thought that this would be a serious thread title.
  6. I rather enjoyed the Jew class. I also found butters was knocked out pretty easily by enemies early in my playthrough if you missed a block or two. That is why I found the game a tad difficult on normal at the beginning. I found the game to be easier once more buddies became available. Once you get the 2nd Buddy I found it easier to just use the sling of david and then use Kennys rats ability. Pretty much beats everyone early on and let's you power level. Use potions and just grind. The beginning can be tough under leveled. Also I leveled up the sling of David all the way and I found it useful through the whole game. Just a suggestion.
  7. I was using cartman the whole time too. Maybe Cartman is the problem. Just more info on the subject.
  8. This worked instantly for me. Had fought him at least five times before checking to see if anyone else was stuck. I hit back and just switched right to stan and the game instantly loaded. Thank you I was about to lose it.
  9. All good. And my god is it splendid. Just the first ten minutes and I was like wow. Telltale just know how to tell a story that makes you feel.
  10. Only had a really severe drop in the framerate when I had to reload a scene after dying. Normally the first time thorough a scene it went smoothly.
  11. I've just finished it here in the states. Both were available to download.
  12. Under the season pass description on the marketplace it states that you need episode 1 to utilize the season pass. It then states episode one must be purchased separately.
  13. This is how I got my first corrupt save. I had just defeated Shiva, and was stopping to get ready for work. I waited and made sure the game wasn't auto saving then I quit to main menu and low and behold save corrupt. This is how I save for every game including the last two Arkham games. My cloud save was from about five hours prior and I just haven't looked back. I had freezes on previous days, and even a sound glitch where I couldn't hear anything like every five minutes on launch day (restarting didn't fix it). Was my most anticipated game of the year. Shelved and waiting for a patch. Also playing on the Gears 3 360 if that makes any difference.
  14. Hopefully your not in the same boat as me. Even though I knew my account name and password it was not letting me log in. I e-mailed Deepsilver, and they said my username doesn't exist. Even though it is attached to my gamer tag and comes up every time in the community area. Even after sending pictures they told me the account doesn't exist and I must have my gamertag attached to a different account. They answer back pretty fast though.
  15. For anyone else worried about this problem my loyalty missions never counted on the stats screen after completing them. I had to save and then reload the game for them to show up. Always try this before stopping and restarting any loyalty missions.
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