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  1. Just had to use this method in order to complete the level on the XB1. TT really are total shits for never patching any of their games
  2. This looks like one to avoid. AFAIK there's no cloud saves so you can't even carry a save from platform to platform.
  3. Take a look at the beer advert. It's a pastiche of Schlitz beer but with tape etc covering parts so that it looks like Clitz beer; along with the slogan "It's What's Under The Hood". Enough female lady parts references for you?
  4. No surprise really. I'd hoped that once Steve "Balls It Up" Ballmer had gone that MS would get their act together. Unfortunately it looks like they've lost what little interest they had and the platform may well soon be dead.
  5. I play and unlock/gift everyday My code is be2eb My FB is https://www.facebook.com/xRepoUKx
  6. I play and unlock/gift everyday My code is be2eb My FB is https://www.facebook.com/xRepoUKx
  7. Is anyone else finding the collision detection on Trucking really bad? And why do the other cars drive into you!?!
  8. There will be three in total. Abyss, Lines and another as yet unnamed.
  9. I didn't even know this game existed until yesterday!
  10. One of the earlier updates caused a problems for a lot of people, myself included. It was solved by doing a hard reset.
  11. @DieNadel, sorry man, just seen your Xbox message! I've had a few problems on both WP & W8 with not being able to send or receive gifts but have always been able to log in. I've been waiting months now for them to fix my game save, which they said they would, so I'm only logging in once a day at most.
  12. Only a couple of days ago. Someone has already completed it so at least the achievements aren't unobtainable.
  13. http://guides.gamepressure.com/starwarstheforceunleashed/gfx/word/1127541656.jpg
  14. Order & Chaos is now free and seemingly renamed Order & Chaos Online. A bit of a buttfuck without lube for those who paid the OTT price it was previously. http://www.windowsphone.com/en-gb/store/app/order-chaos-online/be84b96c-e330-4613-8c1e-b882ae9ea369 A Win8.1 version has also been released. Achievements on Win8.1 appear to unlock automatically from the WP8 game. http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-GB/app/order-chaos-online/94eb04c3-9c8e-484b-b9c1-af4f5ed4d523
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