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  1. Okay, so I haven't posted in here in a few years, so I'm not sure if this has been discussed or not. I haven't bought a game brand new, in a good few years, generally gone off gaming a bit. The last brand new game I bought was battlefield 1, which I bought for £40, other games like black ops 3, halo 5 etc, I have all bought for £40 So I'm looking at pre ordering battlefield 5. But it's £50 EVEVERYWHERE. some websites even selling it for £55. That's absolutely ridiculous?! Just wondering when the sudden price jump was? I've never paid more than £40 for a new game (other than special editions) in my life! Just wondering if people are happy to spend £50 on games, or do you wait for price drops? Etc.
  2. As of now at level 55 you get 3000xp for winning a 10 minute game. I'm wondering if this continues to increase after level 55. So eg. Level 100 you get 5000 xp for winning a 10 minite game. Level 200, 7000xp for winning etc. If you still get the match bonus at level 200 as you do with level 55 I will never reach level 1000
  3. weird. as soon as i started to play zombies, and wasnt getting hitmarkers, i was like WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! dont fix something that isnt broken! but then i realised you dont get them in any other cod zombies ive never played AW either.
  4. You don't get hitmarkers in zombies anymore. Finding it very hard to play without them! Especially when there's a big group of them at once
  5. looks just like a charging cable to me :/ ---- wired all the way, wireless with a charge cable is NOT the same headset noise
  6. yep, i would like more gamerpics, even if it means $$ + i hate that you can still keep your 360 pic, despite it being so small, looks silly when browsing friends list. you should be forced to select a new one!
  7. as long as they follow me its fine
  8. Looking for help with nightfall, raids, heroics. Etc. hit me up gt: JORDAN K 95. Level 31 titan
  9. Looking for a bunch of people to play with. I'm level 31 I want to people to play weekly nightfall and heroic. Raids trials of osiris etc. Gt: JORDAN K 95
  10. I still have the helmet but not the chest piece :/ The chest piece was boss
  11. What about the old queens armour! The helmet and chest piece!
  12. Thanks, I was just wondering If it's a prestige system then is there only 1? And maybe you get your rank in gold to show you've done it. Surely they aren't thinking about adding like 5. Or maybe it just puts you adding level 1 again, with nothing special.
  13. That answers my question then! Guess it's not out yet
  14. With premium you can get legendary status by reaching lv 150,. 1st of all, is legendary status even out or is it like the gunbench coming. 2nd, is it a prestige mode or does it reset your stats and put you at level one, (or keep your stats)
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