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  1. im still looking to get the acheivments for section 8

  2. i have the pc game but im missing the online acheivments :< i hope someone can help me get them GT: Leaky Milky
  3. im with others when i say some of the acheivments are rather hard to get. thats why im making a guide on how to get them all. not sure how to add photos like in the other guides but ill get on with it from help with others.
  4. the game is easy to get the acheivments, just the we need all guns acheivment takes forever as you have to have others trade some of their wepons for your extras.
  5. if people want since ive extremly addicted to this game at the moment, i could make a guide for fable 3. this will be my first guide for the site so i might need some help. this will also include help on the traitors keep dlc quests
  6. im looking to boost some of the harder online acheivments like garbage day. just send me a message. gamertag is leaky milky
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