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  1. Guys, I know what the purpose of this list is but really, do you think EA really cares. It's now over a year, the company has moved on to work on the 3rd game. If you want to fix your achievements then check HERE
  2. I did enjoy the hell out of the first one, but the second one lacked the personality the first one had. It was nice to see the graphics were upgraded in the 2nd but the different bosses really made up the first one, Smiley being my favorite. The second's gameplay was too bland, I'll be holding off on the 3rd till it's under $20 then I'll grab it. Though if it has any issues like this one did I'll probably skip it all together.
  3. I'd be fired for insubordination. That and showing the CEO the literal definition of what his company does to gamers with his wife. Then I'd pull a scene out of Fight Club in his office while he calls security.
  4. The only timing instance in the whole walkthrough was when to take it out and when to replace it, and there is ample time to do both. I had to use this for Sniper: Ghost warrior, and you had to do that one quickly. For this game make sure as soon as you see the EA logo pull it out. Right before you enter the game after selecting character and difficulty insert it back in and check to see if you profile is logged in. If at any point during this you are connected to Live your doing this wrong. My incoming messages on XBOX Live has had a few people who are not following the guide and are asking why its not working. While I don't mind helping, please try to use a setup close to mine or son of kyruss, as they seem to be the way to go. Don't post this isn't working with out writing out what you did EXACTLY, then we don't have to second guess what you did wrong. And if need be I will modify the walkthrough for those that are having issues with certain steps.
  5. Yes. As I noted in the walkthrough its just a suggestion to acquire the remaining achievements if you care about getting them. I had considered this game a lost cause due to EA's lack of caring and support for its games, so when I did it, I didn't really care about the other achievements.
  6. It worked for sniper: ghost warrior, and C&C3.
  7. I would recommend getting them before you do this, as I mention in the walkthrough this will reset all stats to 0, I'm almost sure this applies to the MP achievements, i.e. getting a kill with all of the weapons, though I don't think MP has a menu to check your stats.
  8. Glad it worked for you. Thanks for testing it out on the slim. The whole hard drive and internet thing was what my buddy had told me to do, since he had to to it for C&C3. I'll adjust my walk through when I get home, thanks again for the info.
  9. Say thanks with 5 stars and a sticky, because your all very welcome. Just want to thank everyone on the X360A forums you guys are the best, glad I was able to help you all out.
  10. Had to do something similar for sniper: ghost warrior, and had mentioned what I did to a friend who said he had to do something similar for C&C3, so I figured what the hell can't really hurt (other than starting from scratch on The Beast) so I gave it a try. I can't being to tell you what it felt like when they started unlocking!
  11. Yes that's exactly what this does, and it worked for me. I managed to unlock all of the DLC today that had glitched because I played MP before the DLC had come out.
  12. Ok, first and foremost let me rant a little about how much EA sucks, this game came out months ago and there is still no patch available and no word on its release. It's not a microsoft problem either... EA it's your damn game! Now that I got that out of my system, let me make this clear I am not taking any credit for the method on how to do this. I am however taking credit for applying and testing its use for this game. ***Note: Please make sure you have all of the other "obtainable" achievements before you do this. I made the mistake of doing this before I got the Beast achievement and now have to start from scratch. This was tested on a 360 Elite, with a 256MB MU and 2GB USB thumb drive. I did not have a HDD connected on my 360. (Not sure if that makes a difference but I figured I might mention it.) Now these following steps will walk you through how to reset your stats for this game that are tied into your XBOX 360 Profile. This will not affect any of your other games, so no worries. 1.)Move your current profile onto your USB thumb drive. Along with your saves and DLC for this game. (Again, not sure if this makes a difference but I'm letting you know exactly what I did.) 2.)Clear your system cache. (Please google how to do this, if you don't know how.) 3.)Load up Army of Two 40th Day, as the EA logo appears, remove the USB thumb drive from your XBOX. You'll now see a message saying to reinsert the memory device, ignore this. 4.)Now start a new solo campaign, just before you select a new save to start the game (which in my case was on my MU) reinsert the thumb drive. Make sure to hit the Home button to check to see if your profile has reloaded. 5.)Now start the game. If everything worked accordingly, when your in your new game press start, and check your statistics everything should read 0. If it doesn't you did something wrong. 6.)If the above step worked, reconnect to XBOX Live and download the update for the game. *** It's being reported that some are having issues with this step. If there are any issues, back out to the dashboard, then reload the game and accept the update. 7.)Now select your USB thumb drive with your saves, as your save device. Start the campaign, select a completed save, and replay the DLC to unlock any previously glitched achievements. EDIT: Thanks to Son of Kyuss, for testing with a Slim 360 and HDD.
  13. If your not connected to xbl nothing will unlock, that was the first one I came across, so lets say you unlock rookie for completing your first story race. When you finally get this game to connect to xbl it will not update your score even though you raced your 1st race. You have to go into options and reset the game, and start all over again. The one that really pissed me off, I reset and started going through story mode again made to to lvl 15. It was late so I shut my phone off, started the game up this morning and found the game is not recognizing the progress I made last night, I didn't realize this until I finished off the story mode, and saw that all of the story achievements had not unlocked. So at this point I'm not sure but I would say you might have to play this one in one sitting, because this will be my third time starting this game from scratch.
  14. Post here if you are looking to trade online achievements. I need the slumber party achievement, please add me thanx. GT: RenegadeANIM4L
  15. Your wrong about the dodge 20 times achievements, you DO NOT need to do them in a row. In order for the dodge to count you must dodge the attack of what ever you trying to dodge. On top of that a hit from any creature resets all of the dodge counters for the plant, frog and koi.
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