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  1. The Vendor is located in Arcology Celestial Workshop. Can be reached after beating the Arisen Congregators Boss in Sohn District. I show how to get there in the video below. You need boss fragments after beating them to get their weapons and gear. NOTE - At the point of making this video the final boss is inaccessible due to an endless loading glitch. So I can't show that sadly.. Hope this helps
  2. 11) Matriarch Celeste The boss is actually very simplistic. She has a bunch of melee attacks, can charge at you, and send some projectile shockwaves. Her jump attacks are dangerous, so be mindful of that. In phase 2 she grow mechanical arms that have weird parry timings. Not much to say at all about this fight. Just parry and attack back. You can use hit and run, but the fight is much faster with parries. 12) Delver Echo Alpha Version 2 Again another solo delver fight. Pretty simple again. I chose to use the delver of the Helix weapon to kill the Delver with its own weapon. The weapon is weak so the fight takes longer for me, but the fight should be simple now considering you're probably higher level and have better weapons 13) H.A.R.O.L.D. A giant version of the tripod enemies. Remember the first game where the tripod enemies were real annoying. Yea well they are back and worse. Now you have to face a boss version lol. He can pounce on you which i don't know how to defend against. I mean I've tried everything, and I always take damage. I can't parry it either. He can also do charging attacks at you, poke you, and do side swipes, which can be all parried. Parried attacks do way more damage, but you can do hit and run attacks where you side step and hit to chip away. Lastly it can summon holographic mini versions of itself that pounce on you for pretty good damage, so dodge carefully. I suggest staying close to the boss so it cannot pounce, and will resort to melee attacks. 14) Goddess Helena This is a beefier version of the Statue enemies at Gideon Rock. Only difference is that the boss can power its weapon to do fire damage. It can shoot lasers, hit you with it shield which can cause an electrical explosion, poke you with its spear, hit side swipes, and also kick you. All the attacks except the laser can be parried. To take out the shield use a charged attack to break it. After the shield is gone, parry and attack back to deal some damage. Rinse and repeat to beat it. If you do mistime the parries, the boss does a ton of damage, so you can use hit and run if you are uncomfortable with parries. It just takes a while. 15) Final Boss (Archangel Eli) The final boss and a tough one. I highly suggest using parries for this boss and it can make it go way easier and faster. Hit and run can work but he has so many damaging moves that it might take a while, along with high health and stamina to make it work. The boss always starts with a charge attack which can be parried but the timing is strict. I suggest dodging to the left or right and then attacking him a couple times. Target one body part and attack it the whole fight. He has armor on all his body parts. Once you strip the armor, he takes more damage on the limb with no armor. I chose the head and just kept hammering at it. He has a wide array of attacks and they all hit like a truck, so yea. Get your armor upgraded (I used the Cerberus armor), health up, and stamina up. Stamina most importantly if you're going for parries. All his attacks are 3-4 hit combos, so if you mistime the parries well you better hope your stamina can handle blocking lol. When he uses the sword with his hand, parrying can be easy, but when he lets of of the sword and it starts floating it can be hard to time the parries. Instead of looking at the sword, look at his hand that controls the sword. Time your parries based on his hand almost connecting with your body. This worked much better for me rather than looking at the sword. He can also use nanite shockwaves separately, and mixing it with his attacks. So my best advice is to stay at full health so you don't get combo'd or chip damaged to death. With enough practice parrying him should be no problem. He can shoot projectiles that stay on the ground and damage you, so be mindful of them. Other than that, good luck with this fight Hope that was somewhat useful. I'm always glad to answer questions if there are any! Cheers
  3. Hey guys, it's Rubhen here with another boss thread. For the first game I made a ton of guides. I was thinking of making one for this game too, but I just don't have the time I used to haha, being in college and all. Apparently trying to become a game dev is a lot of work Anyways, this game is a bit more challenging in certain boss fights, due to the fact that most bosses have insane armor levels and can't usually 2 shot you. The game also drains your stamina each time you parry, which I don't understand lol. I never really dabbed into the parry system in the previous game, but in this game it is a necessity. Learn the parries for each boss and know when to dodge away. Some attacks will still hurt you if you parry (which I don't agree with), perfect example is the final boss that can send a shockwave while you parry which can still hurt you....smh. So parry the easy ones, and run for you life on the others. The hit and run tactics also work well here. Get a spear or heavy weapon, and do a dodge hit, run back, recover stamina, and repeat. This is a viable strategy on most bosses, and I will mention which bosses can be cheesed this way too. Hope you guys find this useful, as I had to spend a while trying to experiment and practice stuff. In terms of weapons, I like the dual claws, gauntlets a lot, because of insane dps potential mixed with the right implants. I will not cover implants as some people might explore more than others and using implant based strategies are pointless. I use on injectable the whole playthrough, which is the health one. Other implants are based on situational awareness. So yea, after the long intro, let's start. Here is a video compilation of all the bosses: [ame] [/ame] Timeline: 1) Nitro - 0:08 2) Warden Garcia - 0:48 3) Little Johnny - 3:25 4) Brother Eli 16:13 5) Captain Cervantes - 19:27 6) Delver - 21:57 7) Metal Armor & Major General Erza Shields - 29:05 8) Delver Echo Alpha - 34:06 9) Brother Eli 2 - 38:30 10) Delver Echo Gamma - 42:51 11) Matriarch Celeste - 45:15 12) Delver Echo Alpha Version 2 - 49:13 13) H.A.R.O.L.D. - 54:49 14) Goddess Helena - 56:58 15) Final Boss (Archangel Eli) - 1:00:44 Tips: 1) Nitro (Tutorial Boss) This guy is a total pushover. Basic enemy type with a 2 to 3 hit combo. You won't have access to dodge at this point, so strafe left and right till he finishes attacking. Hit twice and move back. Rinse and repeat. 2) Warden Garcia The true first boss. You will have access to everything except a drone module. The boss has standard human attacks such as 2 hit, 3 hit combos, jump attack, and sliding attacks. All can be dodged or parried. There is an implant that allows you to see which direction to parry. Use it. It is the most useful implant if you're going for parries imo. He can also summon a drone that shoots you. The most annoying part of the fight, so yea. Just dodge all attack and jab the boss a couple times. Or you can try to parry for more damage. Other than that, not much of a threat. The hit and run tactic works flawlessly here if you're not confident of your parries. 3) Little Johnny The first wall for many players who can't parry. This guy was super annoying to fight. I had low stamina and health and got clobbered by him several times. I had to farm for scrap so i could level up my stamina enough to be able to take his barrages and still be able to dodge if I missed my parries. The goal here is to break his limbs. His three mechanical legs with armor, and the 4 front pincers hands. For the 4 front pincers, just target each one and then parry his attacks. This is the fastest way to do a lot of damage to them. Hit an run doesn't work here because this guy recovers way to fast for being a fat heap of metal. He will swipe with his arms, do some weird stomps with his metal legs, shoot poison mist, and spread electric discharge mines around the field. Avoid all his attacks because they hurt a lot. Once you break his front 4 pincer hands, target the metal legs. There's no easy way to do damage. You can use hit and run to slowly chip away at the metal legs till they break. Be careful as the broken legs will ooze poison mist, so stay away. Once you slowly but surely take out all the 7 limbs, he will die. Good riddance. 4) Brother Eli He is a stronger version of other human enemies. Can do jumping attacks, sliding attacks, and 2-3 hit combos. You can parry him but if you miss he hurts a lot. Hit and run works well on him. Halfway through the fight he will summon enemies and can also start placing turrets. Yea like he needs to to place turrets as well...... Either way not too much of a problem. Attacks after parries crush him really hard, so go for it if you're brave 5) Captain Cervantes Again another human enemy with the same move list as others, but can cloak and drop electric discharge mines. Hit and run works here as well. I suggest using drone modules to stop him from going into cloak mode. Not much else to say 6) Delver Oh boy, learn to parry people. This fight is so slow in terms of how much damage you can milk out of your weapon. This boss has 3 phases and has a ton of armor and health. If you parry you can shave off a chunk of health each time progressing the fight a bit quicker. If you use hit and run, this could take forever. In phase one, he can swipe his arms to hit you, jump on you, and can dig underground to hit you from under. Not too bad. Just bulky. Phase 2 he turn into feral mode, and starts running around. At first he will jump onto the walls and shoot nanite projectiles from his body. These shave off health from his health bar. After 2nd time he shoots projectiles he will pounce at you and fall. While he is stunned go and destroy the projectiles before he calls them back into his body. Destroying them will shave off his health permanently or he can recover health. When he is on the ground, he can headbutt you, pounce on you, and swipe his claws. Parrying the swipes can stun him so you can do tons of damage. Rinse and repeat till phase 3 Phase 3 is the behemoth. He gain 2 giant nanite weapons for arms that do explosions after he swings them. Each arm has armor. If you can take their armor off, they go away for a bit before he can regenerate the weapons. This fight is brutal because of one move, the slide. Easy enough to dodge, but he corrects trajectory if you are close to the wall and can come back to hit you. The weirdest move I've ever seen lol. Stay relatively close to the middle and dodge the move so he can't possible track back to you. He can do swipes with his arm weapons, and can also send nanite shockwaves at you. Nanite is a condition status. Once the bar fills up you will take a set amount of damage. Always stay away from nanite exposed areas and stay at full health. I've died way too many times from this status. Don't get greedy here. Parry if you're confident. If you miss it will result in death as even if you survive the swipes, the explosions will surely kill you. Slow and steady here. Hit and run is the safest option 7) Metal Armor & Major General Erza Shields Another annoying fight. Simple on paper, but the game just loves stacking shit against the player. In Phase one, the boss will switch between it's guns and flamethrower. Stay close enough so it doesn't shoot its guns too much as they gun stun lock you to death. You can use your drones to shoot their ammunition tanks to take them out for a couple seconds, but it's just not worth the time. Do what I did. Stay close hit the legs, and run away. Hit and run works super well. You will take some damage, but you're more safe this way than anything else you can try. Once the Armor loses health, it will get immobilized on the ground and can't move. Erza comes out and starts engaging you. The armor will still shoot fireballs and cannon shots at you. While Erza chases you. The camera is you worst enemy here as you can keep and eye on both of them so don't know when to engage and when to back off. The best way is to focus on Erza and use audio cues to keep track of when the Armor will shoot. Erza can be parried easily and attacking back does tons of damage. His only damaging move is the jump attack that tracks you. Other than that, parry, hit him back. run away, dodge armor attack, and repeat to kill him. 8) Delver Echo Alpha Not sure why they decided to show this boss after the original Delver fight, because that fight is 3 in 1, whereas this is just one phase of the original boss. Same strategies, and by now you have way more damage output due to better weapons. 9) Brother Eli 2 Pretty much the same boss with some new elements. There are enemies at the start of the fight, so just focus on taking them out first. He has new electric shockwave projectiles now, so be careful about that. But you can easily use hit and run to take him out. Not too bad. Just be mindful of paralysis as he can take advantage of you being immobilized. 10) Delver Echo Gamma Again another one phase delver fight which is pretty much the same. Only difference is that the fight takes place in a smaller place, so manage your surroundings more carefully.
  4. Hey guys, Just finished the game on Normal. The other higher difficulties are another thing entirely, and as you level up and get more heroic loot, you will find them easier. I used Elessa, as she is more my type of character gameplay wise. My build: -I always favour damage over defensive buffs and skills. For passives I went with more trap damage, gain energy on moving, and also health regen (This is sorely needed if you are like me and sometimes forget to dodge lol) -I love to poison the bosses as it does damage over time, and also I try to make sure to use the giant AOE healing spell that also slows down and poison enemies at higher levels -I dodge a lot, as it also helps to refill my energy meter. -Remember Elessa is weak and has lower health pools. She can do massive damage, but can also take a lot of damage. -Skills change based on Boss, so stay tuned below 1) Great Unclean One Boss This is the first boss you fight at the end of Chapter 1. This by far is the hardest boss first time around as you will be low level and will be limited to a base set of skills. I end up using the spinning blades for a lot of damage and crowd control. I use the throwing knives as well on the boss as it does the most damage at that time for my level and it constantly refilled my energy. The spinning knives I spam as it helps to hurt the boss while you do other moves and also helps with crowd control. Each boss has 3 phases. This boss starts with just smacking his weapon on the ground towards you. This releases a shockwave towards you. You want to roll at the last second. He can destroy the 3 pillars in the room this way, so make sure to leave atleast one standing throughout the fight as he can also spew poison that covers the entire room. You will need to hide behind the pillars to keep safe. Don't use the health potion unless you get hit by poison as it will kill you. Once all that is done he will surround himself with claws that will negate damage you do. Enemies will spawn till the claws leave. Now the phase repeats over and over till you drain his first bar. Second phase is the same except now, he can drop things from the air that will hurt you and cause poison damage. So constantly room and try to not get hit. His 3rd phase is a bit different. He will do the same things as before but in a different order, which will cause you some problems the first time. he will also drop things from the ceiling a lot more, and spawn more enemies. As mentioned before, try you best to remove the additional enemies so you can spend all your energy hurting the boss when he frees his body for attack. This will surely be the toughest boss to get through for now, and after that it becomes easier, so hang in there! [ame] [/ame] 2) Bloodthirster Boss The second boss in the game and is fought at the end of Chapter 2. He is a lot easier than the previous boss as he projects all his attacks and is easy to dodge them. For his first phase he can jump in the air and ground slam in the middle. This is the only move you need to watch out for as it covers the entire screen. When he jumps in the air, you can see a light red ring form in the middle. That is the immediate radius that gets hit. But he will send a shockwave of fire forward in all directions. So to avoid this move to the entrance of the room to be safe from the attack. He can also swing his arm at you, summon enemies, and jump attack you. His other two phases just result in faster attacks and a change in the pattern, so make sure to watch out for the signs of these attacks. The small holes on the ground will start spewing fire as you damage the boss more, so be mindful of their placements. For this fight, i ended up switching to poison spreadshot arrows, and the heal spell that covers a certain circular area. It heals me and slow down enemies so it's very useful. I also end up using the circular blade attack as well. All in all with this setup you can really lose. [ame] [/ame] 3) Keeper of Secrets This boss fought at the end of Chapter 3, in my opinion is the easiest boss, even on harder difficulties, because you can simply avoid the boss the whole fight and damage it from a distance. It will be a long fight but patient people can get through this fight no problem. Not much has changed in terms of skills since the previous boss. My healing circle is bigger, and I used piercing arrows that ricochets of multiple enemies. I also use a trap that constantly hurts enemies that are standing on top of it. With this setup i just ran around the boss, shot arrows and the circular blade, and then used the healing circle when i needed it. I also set the trap in the middle where the boss comes to power up. This way it constantly takes damage. All three phases are pretty much similar, except more enemies spawn, boss moves faster, and sends out attacks faster in higher phases. It can swing it's sword at you, spawn monsters, send pink lightning streaks, and also cover itself with a radial lightning field. During the times the boss goes to the middle to power up, some totems pop up. Destroying the totems stop the powering up process. So focus on them during those moments. Lastly the boss will spawn these magenta jellies that float around. If they make contact with you, a lot of damage can be taken, so watch out! [ame] [/ame] 4) Lord of Change (Final Boss) This is it. The final boss you fight at the conclusion of Chapter 4. This boss isn't too difficult, but can be annoying, more so just runs away a lot. The boss has a tendency to teleport from one point to another and it can be hard to keep track of the boss when you want to spend all you energy to do a lot of damage. The boss has a couple attacks and the rest is just spawning of enemies that deal most of the damage. The boss can shoot you with a laser that tracks, so keep dodging until it stops. The boss can also leave small traps around the arena, closeby itself. You don't want to stay close to them. When the boss teleports, it does a slash so be mindful and dodge out of the way. Lastly the boss can shoot orbs at you as well after teleporting. Lastly the boss can also jump slash you when you get too close. My build really didn't change from the previous fight. I use the same stuff, though i think instead of the trap using the knives, or another projectile based attack would suit this fight as the boss just escapes too many times for the trap to be taking a useful slot on your move list. Use the health regen circle when needed or when you are surrounded by a ton of enemies. Other than that the most damaging move has to be the spread shot that does poison damage. Using your dryads also help to take attention away from the enemies and bosses so you can prepare better. Other than that it shouldn't be too difficult. Even in later phases all the boss does is change the order of attacks and its recovery. [ame] [/ame] That's it. All the bosses as Elessa on Normal. I am working on Chaos 2 and Chaos 5 for those trophies and once i have a solid strategy I will post them. hope this helps Cheers
  5. If you check the comments in the video I linked, there is a 10th spot. Close to where the dragon puzzle beside the Nakandan Shrine. Reptile never spawned after the 4 location so i gave up....
  6. Hey guys, it's Rubhen here with a long and extensive video for MK11's The Krypt Area. This will be the last video I make for the Krypt as I am pretty much burned out lol. This video showcases a general guide for all the Key Item Locations in the Krypt and their uses. I will be talking throughout the video, so if you don't like that well, I'm not sure what to say. The Guide part will focus on important things you will need to know about the Krypt, and also locations for the Key Items that affect Progression in the Krypt. This is not a full guide that shows every chest location and such. There is no point as 90% of the Krypt is RNG, and only a few chests are fixed with loot and important items. The commentated walkthrough in the end is to give people who are lost in the Krypt a general path they can take from start to finish, opening all the areas in the Krypt. Couple things to note: - I will not show all locations of Reptile, only the initial Cutscene - will not open all chest, soul chest, heart chests, and invisible chests (No point as it's RNG) - Will not teach you about the forging stuff. The forge isn't really relevant to the Krypt except for Shinnok's amulet which will be shown later in the video when needed. - Won't be showing first time animations of me opening chests and doors, etc. I spent 20 hours getting all the krypt opened and farming all the soul fragments, hearts, and coins. Not doing it again so I can get animations. - Lastly Skeleton Keys that open doors are random from chests. So you will need to farm them on your own by opening as many chests as you can. *Useful Resources: 1) Shang Tsung's Throne Room Walkthrough [ame] [/ame] 2) Easy Way to Farm Fatalities for Character Heads for Warrior Shrine [ame] [/ame] 3) Reptile Locations after Starting Easter Egg [ame] [/ame] So I've spent a considerable amount of time answering some things in the intro, so please listen to it. The intro is more to explain what the Krypt is, what you can do there, and what you can expect from it. I have included a timeline in the video for your convenience, so please use it as necessary. *The Krypt General Guide & Walkthrough: [ame] [/ame] Timeline: 1) Introduction to Krypt - 0:07 2) Kollector's Coin & The Kollector Location - 6:33 3) Amulet of Earthrealm's Protector - 9:17 4) Thunder God's Shattered Staff - 10:44 5) Cetrion's Amulet & Cetrion's Head - 11:25 6) Kronika's Amulet, Gem of the Living, & Cracked Horn of Motaro - 12:47 7) Dragon Amulet Keystone - 16:03 8) Fragment of the One Being's Heart, Mind, & Soul - 19:45 9) Heart of Blaze - 21:50 10) Shinnok's Amulet (And the ingredients to make it) - 24:06 11) Elder God Puzzle - 29:49 12) Shao Khan's Hammer - 31:26 13) Scorpion's Spear - 31:55 14) Kenshi Takahashi's Blindfold - 32:58 15) Ermac's Amulet of Souls - 35:35 16) Kronika's Epoch Engine - 38:13 17) Reptile Discussion - 40:07 18) Reptile Easter Egg Start Location - 42:50 19) Shang Tsung's Throne Room & Collecting all 25 Heads - 45:30 20) Krypt Walkthrough (General Path to Unlocking All Areas and Key Items) - 49:27 Hope you guys find this useful! Cheers Thanks to: - star light for mentioning the Heads Glitch. Helped me with getting the heads faster (unfortunately it's patches now...) - PowerPyx for letting me know how to get the Fragments in the Krypt - Trophy Germany for making the Reptile Locations Guide. I only got 4 locations to spawn but still quite helpful *I doubt I'm missing anything else that is important. If I am, please do mention it in the comments to help others
  7. So i'm back with another method to get some serious cash and XP in the endgame. People asked for late game grinding so here it is haha. Let it be known this is the pretty much the last area you will visit but it's worth it! Thanks to Im_Coded on PSN for mentioning this method to me! To begin, head over to the Fountainhead Palace, Flower Viewing Stage Sculptor Idol. From there turn back and go kill the two noble enemies and the spear enemy. Next run to the front of the building and kill that noble as well. Run back and rest. This should take 40 seconds. Within this run you will get 2650 XP, along with 391 Sen. Now that comes up to 238 500 XP and 35 190 Sen in an hour. You can make this sweeter by using the Mibu Balloon of Wealth item which will give you 585 Sen per run. So that's it! the best spot i could find along with my friend so far. If I find a better method I will for sure update. [ame] [/ame] Cheers **Note - Thanks to Matt of Step PR for providing me the game on behalf of Activision!
  8. Mibu Village. The zombies respawn for a few mins. So you can get around 927 exp per min
  9. Yes you can just use the bell demon item and it will vanish. you will have to go back and activate the bell to get it again
  10. So to anyone that feels like they want an even harder challenge. Activate Hard mode in the game lol. First the location: Right before the Snake encounter, go back the way you came and take the left path. Jump off the shrine platform and grapple to a tree. Then jump to the side cliff that you can grab onto. Shimmy over and jump over to the side platform. Follow the path into the cave and jump down where the Headless mini boss is. Go to the right and enter the hole to reach a secret door. Use it to get to Senpou temple! There you can get to the large bell. Using the bell spawns a bell demon item in you inventory. As long as it is there, you are in hard mode, where enemies hit harder and also drop more spoils! Thanks to Chris (PSN - Willowvale75), my friend who told me about this! So guys, who's feeling like doing this on first playthrough? lol Enjoy! i will try it after beating the game [ame] [/ame] Please feel free to add your own discoveries. I'm sure it will help. Will make videos when I can! Cheers *Note - The game was provided by Matt of Step PR on behalf of Activision!
  11. Absolutely in love with this game, so i would like to make as many helpful videos as i can haha. have fun
  12. So this is a method i found when farming for pellets, but yea it's super nice. To get this method working, you need to: 1) Beat the first Main Boss - Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa 2) Get Loaded Axe Prosthetic How to Get Loaded Axe: I already mention this in the other thread i made for prosthetics. It's found in a shrine in Hirata Estates. [ame] [/ame] The Farming Method: Once you are at this point, after beating the boss, run up the stairs, kill the soldier, and then use grapple to get up high. head right and then sneak behind the hat wearing enemy. Kill it using stealth. Then sneak behind the two enemies and kill one with stealth and the other by guard breaking using the loaded Axe. Then you can deathblow the enemy. Run back to the shrine and rest. This should take a minute and you should earn 283 Exp points. That's close to 17K exp per hour. You can max anything you'd like. There is another better spot but that is a bit later into the game. This is for early players. [ame] [/ame] Hope this helps! Cheers **Note - The game was provided by Matt of Step PR on behalf of Activision. Thanks for the opportunity!
  13. So the game has a lot of Prosthetics that you will have to find. So far I only found 4 of them, will update the thread with more locations as I get them. Once you find the key item pertaining to a Prosthetic tool, take it back to the dude that gave you the arm. He will install the new prosthetic tool. 1) Loaded Shuriken This is right at the start of the game, right before the first miniboss. [ame] [/ame] 2) Loaded Axe This one is in Hirata Estates. You will get here by getting the Bell from the Old Insane lady leading up to the first main boss. Head back to the guy who gives you your Prosthetic arm. He will tell you to use it on the statue beside him. Use it to be teleported to the Hirata Estates. Now once you get to the second resting point. Follow the path till you find a person dying on a set of stairs. He will mention the axe. As soon as you go up the stairs head left. Climb over the wall and you can listen to two soldiers talk. Right beside them is the shrine where you can find the loaded axe item. [ame] [/ame] 3) Shinobi Firecrackers This one is right after the Loaded Shuriken. After getting that item, go past the miniboss. There is a small cliff that has some crows circling around it. You can use the left path to ascend the cliff, and use the grappling hook to get to the top. There talk to the vendor and buy the firecracker item for 500 sen. [ame] [/ame] 4) Mist Raven This one is the toughest to get to so far. You will have to beat the Shinobi Hunter Miniboss in Hirata Estates, and then proceed past the resting shrine. From the shrine take the grapple point to the left. Jump into the water and move forward up the stream. Use the grapple point to get up to the side path. Go to the far end and cut the bamboos to the right. Now follow the path and use wall jump to get to the top. Follow the path to a small shrine. Be careful with that tough swordsman. You can try to kill him or just run past open the shrine door and get the item for the Mist Raven. Up to You. I ran like hell [ame] [/ame] 5) Loaded Spear This one is pretty complicated, because if you run past the enemy at the beginning you won't get the gate key. You will need to go real far into the game. After first main boss and then the bull mini boss, there is a rest shrine. Take the left path, and kill the two soldiers on the bridge. One of them will drop Gate key. Now take the bottom left path and follow it back to the tutorial area. There use the key on the house you had to sneak under in the tutorial. You will find the horn. Take it back to the sculptor to make the Loaded Spear! [ame] [/ame] 6) Loaded Umbrella This one is a bit complicated if you don't know where to go. But After reaching the top of Ashina castle, follow the path in the video to get to the back of the castle towards the grave area. From the shrine there drop down to the left to meet Blackhat! You can buy the item from him and then go back to the sculptor to make it! [ame] [/ame] 7) Flame Vent This one is actually simple but i missed it my first time. Thanks to linkdevivo at PSNprofiles for letting me know of its location. It is located after the second shrine in Hirata Estates. Follow the normal path till you get to a big campfire with a ton of bandits surrounding it. Kill them all and pick up the flame barrel from the fire. Head back to the sculptor to make it! [ame] [/ame] 8) Sabimaru For this one, Single_Shade at PSNProfiles helped me out by giving me it's location. Thanks As shown in the video you need to get to Ashina castle's antechamber. From there move forward and jump down to the bottom floor. Kill all the enemies and go through the door to find a chest. Sabimaru will be inside. Take it to the sculptor to have it made! [ame] [/ame] 9) Divine Abduction Probably the most out of the way tool to get. You might even skip this whole area. You need to get to the Gun Fort Checkpoint in the Sunken Valley. I have shown a way to get there from the Antechamber checkpoint from Ashina Castle as that checkpoint is part of the story. From that checkpoint, jump out the window and drop to the pool to the right, follow that path out of the castle and move forward in the back courtyard. Once you get the shrine, jump off the edge and grapple to the left towards the Sunken Valley. Follow the path to get to the checkpoint. From there, jump down and grapple your way towards the Gun Fort. This part is hard because enemies will shoot you constantly! At the end of this area is a miniboss. Easy to spam parries one as he always spams the same moves. When he backs off and lunges, jump kick him to deal massive posture damage. Once you kill him there will be a fan item for the Divine Abduction behind him. Pick it up and have the sculptor make the fan tool! [ame] [/ame] 10) Finger Whistle So this is the 10th and last prosthetic you can get. It's actually tied to an Ending. You will have to fight the Guardian Ape boss, and kill it at the lowest depths of the Sunken Valley. Upon killing it you will get the item you need to make the Finger Whistle. For posterity I have included the Guardian Ape kill in case people are struggling with the boss. [ame] [/ame] Well that's it for all the prosthetics Cheers *Note - The game was provided by Matt of Step PR on behalf of Activision!
  14. Hey guys, Rubhen here. Posted this on the sister thread, thought it would be useful for xbox users as well So we all know that this boss can be a pain because of his health pool and if you die you will have to restart whole chapter because the game is annoying like that and takes like 3 loading screens to get started. So Easy way to get trophy is to beat him in Heaven and hell mode but we all know to truly get all achievements you will need to S rank Hell and Hell and to truly to do that you will need to beat him. Beating him guarantees S rank as he drop a ridiculous ton of orbs as a bonus. Recommended Loadout: 1) Gerbera, Gerbera, Gerbera..... keep going. 2) Blue Rose Maxed out. Especially max charge 3) Max Exceed. rest not needed but adds boost to damage. Strategy: Use Charged Blue Rose shots to damage the crystal, and use gerbera to dodge. I have set the gun to L1 for Nero, so i can constantly charge Blue Rose by holding L1 without having to worry about face buttons. But this does limit my ability to max exceed in tense situations. Gerbera is amazing because if you use it at the last second you can parry the fireballs, and this does the most damage. Using these 3 things you can pretty much take no damage when fighting the crystal. Once the crystal breaks, run up to him, jump and use your devil bringer (Buster) the move you get after Nero gains Devil trigger at the end of the game, you will do an auto combo that does fair bit of damage. You can do it twice in a row. To do more damage you can use the Buster Devil Breaker by buying them from Nico. That actually does way more damage! Next use devil trigger and beat the crap out of him. Exceed here helps a lot. Make sure to use aerial attacks as hitting his feet does less damage. Once he regenerates his crystal you can back off and rinse and repeat till he dies. The buster move that you can do twice on him each time he gets stunned was a tip given to me by a viewer on YT called idonotmakevidsyet. I only beat this boss thanks to his tip Son of Sparda Mode: He has 400% health and does 400% damage. So be careful. He is much faster than Devil Hunter but gerbera will prove to be super useful. My attempt in Son of Sparda. Almost had perfect but learn from my mistakes and don't get greedy. [ame] [/ame] Dante Must Die Mode: Whew.... Man these 10 mins were intense. He has 800% more health and 800% more damage dealt than Devil Hunter. A true battle of patience and attrition. He is super fast and his laser also go in an irregular pattern making it difficult to predict. Also he goes devil trigger mode halfway through making his attacks much more punishing and also takes more damage after that. But Gerbera always comes to the rescue haha. It will probably take 3 rounds to kill him. I should have used the buster devil breaker.... oh well. learn from my mistakes guys [ame] [/ame] Well good luck guys. I'm off to S rank all mission and will try Hell and Hell s ranks when i feel like it. Though i can't stop playing this game haha. Hope this helps Cheers
  15. glad it's helpful. I didn't find a single one till end game so yea didn't even know they existed lol
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