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    Big on FPS and sports games. I like the "apocalypse" type games of Bioshock, Borderlands
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    Sports, Liquor, video games and my lady!
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  1. Inner World for me and that's it. Definitely one of the weaker months IMO and not good for me since I already own 3 of the 4. Yoku is alright but already finished it and I was never really impressed with the Pinata franchise. Decent for people who need all 4 I guess, just not me
  2. I have a session planned for this Friday, March 4th at 7pm. Have 2, maybe 3 so far. The more the merrier. Send me a msg here or on Xbox. Gonna work on Veil, panzer and satchel charge kills. If u need certain map wins, that will work also. Msg me: Y2Kasper10
  3. I mean... 4 new games for me. Never heard of any of them. Hopefully at least 1 is good, because... well, look at them.
  4. I am so addicted to this song. These guys are awesome. German band that combines pop, EDM, German techno and metalcore. It's amazing. Such talent.
  5. Looking for some reliable Co-op partners. Msg me here or on Live to set something up. Y2Kasper10
  6. I am in the minority but I love it. I have wanted that Orcs games for years but couldn't justify the price for an Arcade game. Super stoked to get it. I need the other 3 so I need all 4 games too, which is usually half my rating system (do I own them already, will I want to play them).
  7. Ya, I wanted bonus coins in Forza 6 so I loaded up literally 4 other Forza games to play all at the same time to get coins. now I have 5 forza games on the go at once and racing games are my least favorite genre lol. It's a struggle.
  8. Maybe that's the opposite you need to do? Instead of finding 1 good game you want to devote 3 months to... Find 3 or 4 easier games you can alternate between depending on your mood? I literally have about 15 on the go right now and sometimes won't touch a genre for days or weeks because I don't like it and don't want to bore myself with it for days and days on end, if I don't really enjoy it. So I play something else for a bit, then tackle it for a few hours once a week.
  9. 100% the best way I've found over the years is to set DIFFERENT goals. Not just "get achievements." So maybe enter some tournaments to keep it fresh. Work on a specific backlog (like all online stuff, like games you started a long time ago but never got around to, etc...) Each year for the past few years I've worked on something different. Kinect games Rockband games Old games i started but never finished Easy 1hr type completions Whatever I feel like tackling for a few months straight, then move on to a new task. This year it will be my online achievements. Next year... who the hell knows lol
  10. Well it's my main hobby really. I could say travel, as we do go on vacation 2 or 3 times a year either somewhere tropical or to a sporting trip for NFL, NBA, NHL etc... but covid hit that hard last year obviously. We did just get back from a Denver trip where we saw hockey, basketball and football. But I can't really say that's a hobby since we only do 2 or 3 weeks a year. I go to work, come home and walk the dog. Then I play video games for an hour, eat dinner and watch a show with the wife. Then I either go to my rec league sports, hit the gym or play video games. That's my life most days of the year. Wife has her own hobbies also, so I do have a fair bit of my own free time. If I took a break, I'd probably just play more sports or watch more TV. Not a lot to do as a middle aged guy I guess.
  11. I have decided to go a new route to clearing up my 360 backlog. I have about 11 games on the go right now that I am gonna try to get through asap, since I already started them. However, I also will be doing something "new" in the order I play my games. I have looked through them all and will now be playing games with online achievements FIRST. I have realized I've missed out on a lot of achievements, many of them easy, because a game sat so long on my shelf that the servers have been shut down before I even played them. I have games that are more than TEN YEARS OLD that I haven't even put in my system yet, let alone come close to finishing them. So in order to maximize my playthroughs and achievements, I need to knock out some games while the servers are still up. Those games are: Bulletstorm Bloodbowl Blitz The League BLazing Angels 2 Brutal Legend Bodycount Backbreaker Call of Juarez Cartel Call of Juarez Bound by BLood The crew Conflict Deadliest Catch Alaska storm Damnation Front Mission Evolved F.E.A.R Farcry 2 Fuel Gundam 2 Juiced 2 Hellboy Lost PLanet 2 First Templar Medal of Honor Warfighter Mercenaries Midnight Club Mindjack Naughty Bear Naval Assault Quake 4 Portal 2 Orange Box Quake Wars Resident Evil 6 Ridge Racer 6 Red Alert 3 Ruse Singularity Solider of Fortune Sacred 2 Stormrise Warhammer: Space Marines Splinter Cell blacklist Splinter cell conviction Split Second Stoked Sturmovik Saints row 2 Turning Point Too Human Two worlds Timeshift Vampire Rain Universe at war Wartech Warhammer Battle march Not too big, right? lol Then after all of these games with ONLINE achievements of some sort, maybe I can get to the 300 other games or so I have in my backlog. lol
  12. Ha ha. Thanks. You'll get there soon!
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