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  1. The diary's bug to get. thank you for helping.
  2. I don't think the servers are down. most games wouldn't let you even have the option of setting up a game and waiting for players if that was the case
  3. Just played this game. I personally think it's great. but it has something not right? I owned every property except all the railroads and somehow for about 2 hours the AI hit only it's own railroads and jail/free parking/ect. and I only hit it's railroads and almost lost even though I owned everything. It was very annoying. But i'm sure it was some sort of glitch because this is the only time it happened to me.
  4. thank you. this achievement was a bit stubborn any other way.
  5. My personal Favorite is going to have to be the bound mace. you can receive it towards the beginning of the game and it levels up with you constantly getting stronger. plus the fact that it weighs nothing is also great.
  6. honestly if it had a save it would leave it open for people to do things in order to boost themselves and others around them.
  7. hmm my new account probably doesn't have this achievement?
  8. It depends. I've had trouble with that. but I know others who haven't
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