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  1. When the game comes out, what team are you looking to build on Ultimate Team? Mine(Like Always) is going to be a Prem team.
  2. wow! i really wanna play:) when is the next battles?
  3. how big is your pyramid mate? like how many blocks high and wide?
  4. Like in the title, what are pistons actually used for? Im new to minecraft and never had it on PC. Any replies i would be grateful for. Many Thanks.
  5. Im starting to get pissed off with this games achievements! Ive played the whole of stage 2 with 3 new equipment items on each player and it just wont pop up!
  6. I got 'Defeat Messi in a street challenge' in my first game in Plymouth. Weird
  7. Im enjoying F1 2010 at the moment, im just wondering, is it much different? Any reply would be appriciated
  8. Right so i go to pre-order in Game they say they that "EA haven't made enough copies so we do not know if we're going to get any" so then i go to Gamestation and then they say "we and Game are not getting any batches of Fifa Street because Ea want us to sell it at their price value not ours" What's your view?
  9. yeah ive tried each day since release, and i even got up at 7.30 am (english time) and it still has that stupid message :@
  10. as the title says, i just cant manage to get on it:( any help or ideas?
  11. I will help mate, my gamertag is x s ii d n 3 y Just send a invite
  12. who you got? i got hart evra kompany samuel sagna cambiasso mascharano sahin cavani danny eto'o subs: kolo toure, clichy, barry, zanetti, lescott, de jong, anelka
  13. i managed to get cambiasso for 9k and sahin 8k both 85. in my starting XI ive got 2-83, 2-84, 4-85, 2-86 and 88 and im only and 84 rated team. annoying me now:(
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