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  1. Looking for both coop multiplayer achievements. Available most mornings or late night. GT: Cold Gravy (Pacific US timezone)
  2. This game is really feeling like a cash grab for the developers at this point. The mediocre player systems and class balances have made everything pointless. Even if they patch and update, you can't strip plays of the gear and wealth they obtained through OP classes (*cough* TR in PVP *cough*) or kicking players in dungeons. Overall, it was sorta fun, for a little, but I think I will try to get the rest of my solo-able achievements and hope the updates have more solo-able achievements - the community in this game is trash. I just wish I didn't put 200 hours into it....why do I do these things to myself?
  3. I'm looking to finish most of the co-op achievements. GT: Cold Gravy
  4. I'm looking to finish most of the co-op achievements. GT: Cold Gravy
  5. I guess I got lucky. I haven't ventured out of my first map and I found a village and a desert temple. Not to mention a couple ravines (one spawns slimes consistently at the bottom) and a big ol' cave. There is also a Mushroom biome!
  6. I hope they are all new achievements - the previous ones were incredibly easy, other than that stupid pig one. My bet is there will be achievements about killing the Ender Dragon and such.
  7. I hope we get to open the inventory again for achievements!
  8. Once you complete the campaign you won't have to hear the same mission intro each time you play. (I don't think he says anything post-campaign.)
  9. Just do what you can, they will get "easier" the more you come back.
  10. Yes! At least the Mossa series is. Some of the bigger name ones, i.e. P90x, were not made specifically for the kinect, whereas the Mossa series was developed exclusively for the xbox (so the tracking/exercises are actually designed for the kinect experience). Some of the smaller 10 minute workouts are just bleh.
  11. You can just ascend that character and start a psuedo-new player.
  12. The bosses are in the dungeons. Sometimes you will have someone "invade" towards the end. I am not sure how the elect who is the player boss, but it is an npc fight. The little defense events are not the player bosses.
  13. The max level is 30. The level 40 talisman is to level up items.
  14. Fairly quick DLC with some interesting puzzles. Do not use ice damage on the last boss and you will do fine. Also, the DLC is a nice way to level up on your way to 30 without grinding the same campaign again.
  15. Looking to find a partner for trading the xbox 360 multiplayer achievements. Xbox live tag: Cold Gravy (as is, with the space between)
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