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  1. his previous post talk about ps network. i suppose that he is a play station owner so it's different. still not working on xbox
  2. i've received today an email from Telltale games. they said that the episode six issue is now fixed. I can confirm it. Download complete. Now we can finish the game.
  3. customer service of xbox.com says that the episode 6 is not yet released. When i asked why 9000 players have completed this dlc on xbox one, according to trueachievements they said "this website is not official, so there's no proof about it. the episode is not yet released, coming soon" i closed the chat. waste of time.
  4. same here. don't really know what happened. waiting for news
  5. yep, the achievement still 95% after level 20. it's glitched.
  6. hi guys,im ready for this boosting session. i can help and send gems every day. add me. i'm EDOARDO1
  7. hi guys. i need gems and i can gift gems. i'm EDOARDO1
  8. i have tried the same workout and i have received a friend challange three times with the same friend. i have added you on my friend list but no one challange against you. Don't know!
  9. What do you mean? Change the first weapon to 3th level and Second weapon to 1th level? If you mean this its not a tuning. Its a simple change
  10. hi guys. can anyone help me with online achievements? theres no people on this game.
  11. hi guys, i need help with this achievement: All for one and one for all! Where i have to go for playing a valid match for this achievement? -multiplayer-party -or a normal single player match and reach 650 after a player join?
  12. It's impossible. Definitely. There are 2 achievements lists (xbox 360 and xbox one) and if you complete everything on xbox 360 and everything on xbox one you unlock 1250 + 1250 G points with 2 different completed games. This is a big misunderstanding. Weeks ago there was a bug in the Xbox One achievement system: sometimes if you unlock achievements your gamerscore did not increase. Sometimes decreased. This is why...
  13. Well, this is a big question mark. I don't think they want to add more heists in the future. This DLC is out now, 18 months after the release of the main game, and remember they have announced this DLC only one month later after the release. So, Rockstar worked on this DLC until now. And i heard something about a new massive single player DLC (2016 maybe?), so i don't really know.
  14. Thanks guys, if anyone want to post something about this argument is welcome
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