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  1. I started my 2nd playthrough yesterday without some of the playthrough achievements and most of them unlocked on the first level where i use the cannon/war turret to kill the orcs i got the one for that after i killed like 3 enemies.... Im a level 21 Champion (Fenrir)
  2. looking for someone for right 4 life.. done sam b need purna , logan and xian will gift player a modded gun (inf or semi inf ammo) im on now or all day so just message me gt: Razorable
  3. I got to level 50 on my 5th prestige today and it took me about 6 hours to get from 1-50 through constant nuketown 24/7 on demo... best to use a MP5K with rapid fire use nova gas aswell for NT 24/7 its easy to get kills with nova gas because its a small map :3
  4. im sorry but if you dont like the achievements bad luck! it would have ruined the game for people who are playing it for the first time wondering 'wtf is a el gigante ?' i mean sure a kill 100 enemies achievement wouldnt hurt but to be honest i think they are fine as they are :3
  5. hi im looking for 2/3 people to do the moon or call of the dead easter egg with me. they need to be able to communicate and also if we do the moon EE one person will need the EE from CoTD. thanks message me if you are interested.
  6. when i purchased this game for less than £2.00 for my local blockbuster i was actualy surprised on how good it was. that was until i got to the second act/chapter. i realised that this game gets boring fast... and i mean fast, after the second level the game just keeps on getting repetative. does anyone else agree with me??
  7. i was playing the bit where you first me louis in the castle (outside the front door) i told ashley to stay in the room next to the red barrel where there is an archer then all of a sudden she starts running towards it gets shot loosing 50% of her health. i healed her with a spray, then after i picked up the key she goes running into a 'zombie' and gets killed............ has this happened to anyone else?
  8. Im just wondering , when i unlock pro mode can i keep my stuff from my medium playthrough or do i start clean? also are there any special things i can get from the merchant?. i havent played this game in ages so i have forgotten. thanks :3
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