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  1. Im looking to do the online before its shut down in Sep .. thx .. GT: Toxic Taz EDIT: i am done
  2. Dunno if you care but Killer Instinct got new challenges.

  3. Im looking to boost the 100 kills within imperial city challenge. Im Aldmeri, North american server. GT: Toxic Taz Thanks...... EDIT: found someone
  4. None of the difficulty ach popped? The one for game complete did. This sux... I think you should raise the difficulty up to an 8 or at least 7-7.5.. Some might find this tough. Since you die so quick. Gave me a headache to complete. Edit: wait theres more after the 8? I see 5 more now. Dang i thought i was done. I cant take anymore of this. Lol
  5. It says local in the marketplace. Was really looking forward to this someday. Reminds me of shoot many robots. Why are almost every game seem to be local still. Grrrr
  6. Why did imperial city go from 1500 crowns to now 2500? Now i wish i bought it with the monthly crowns i received for plus
  7. same here.... The in game ach stamp says 100%. i thougt i had them all before, but i just found one in walkway. This sux....
  8. I was almost done with first dlc, climbing ladder and froze. Now my game will load up to the press any button screen and its dark. Freezing everytime i reload the game. Edit: NVM.. I had to go into settings and restart console.
  9. Im having a problem with carrick point, all buildings are gone and its stuck at 96%. Their is a heli in the air near the end. Not sure if i must destroy somehow. Do i have to start a new save also?
  10. are they ever going to patch this???? im so glad i never added the redbox app. phew....
  11. Im wondering how to get it to appear there.. the classic 2 is there. i wanted to clean up my installed games list. ive checked the hidden install list by LT+RT, +X and it isnt there. i can however reinstall from store, but i want it there in my install list. looking awesome next to one another.
  12. all my upgrades are gone.. i have one point. i still have all my money. i just bought the season pass.. how do i even start bad blood?
  13. KK i did all, but the photo. where do i do that at? do i really need to drag 110 heats for it to count? im going to be doing the same car since its free. thx in advance. Search for Toxic Taz
  14. im looking to boost all the MP achievements. the affinity, medals.... thanks. GT- Toxic Taz
  15. How am i suppose to get the salvage ach, with it being locked with DLC now?
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