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  1. Ok game. Story is ok, Sterrick, Jacob and Evie are cool characters. The others..meh. Gameplay is fun at first, but gets repetitive very fast, the side missions repeat so often that you get sick of it...typical ubisoft formular. Achievements were pretty easy and well designed, except the one where you need to destroy 5000 objects while driving... Overall a decent AC game.
  2. I'm so happy to finally beat the most longest completions I've ever tried. Proud to say I got 2000/2000 in Titanfall and 1000/1000 in Rayman Legends!
  3. Pretty cool. I enjoyed the story very much. Its also a pretty easy 1000g. Probably took me less than 15h to complete.
  4. The Darkness 2 DONE.. Now I'm struggling between 3 games; Bulletstorm, Enslaved or The Saboteur...any suggestions?
  5. Maybe this all is an announcement for Prototype 3? I enjoyed the second one to be honest and I would look further for a sequel.
  6. PROTOTYPE 2 on Jan. 3rd Decent but fun game
  7. 1250/1250 After finishing the first one I now became a die hard fan of this series. The third one isn't my favorite but it was a hell of fun Hardcore was a cake walk using the devil horns. Big props to Gornalicious who helped me with the "Heaven Can Wait" DLC achievement! Now, only my Dead Space 2 Hardcore run is missing to completing all 3, but I'm sure with the help from Rainleaf and Brako Von Cruel I will make it for sure thank you guys But first I will take a break from Dead Space and finish another great game for an easy 1000... The Darkness 2
  8. I need the Heaven Can Wait achievement as well. Help would be great GT: shoxyy
  9. Oh yes! Played all 3 now and DS 2 is the best I am only missing one cheevo for beating hardcore.. Where did you place your saves and which weapons did you use?
  10. Holy sh%*. You got my respect. I will try to beat the other ones too... soon...
  11. Finally beat the game on impossible and got the full 1000G. Feels so good...
  12. thanks for the kind words sir lol. I understand your point but I find almost every video game is repetitive in some way... We all still play the same game since 2000. For example nowadays every open world game is like GTA, every racing game is like Need for Speed or Forza, every third person shooter is like Gears of War, every ego shooter is like CoD... It's just a little different than before. And so almost every open world has this "do that 50 times, collect that...and so on" kind of thing I belive. What kind of game do you play the most?
  13. This game, wow. I remember when it came out 1 year ago and I fell totally in love with it. Many people didn't like it because "it didn't live up the hype" but that doesn't make it a bad game. I finally completed it to 100% (with DLC) and loved the gameplay with all the hacking and sneaking in the many many story and side missions. I remembered walking through Chicago listening to one of the best soundtracks in games while saving the people from crimes. The multiplayer was some of the best experience I ever had on a multiplayer. Its like hide'n'seek for grown ups. If you haven't played it yet.. Pick it up because you can now for about 10-15$. One of the best games of 2014 for me.
  14. Completed Rayman Origins. Fun and cute game for an easy 1000.
  15. I also got the original 1000G in Mafia 2. great game but no way I will grind those dlc achievements.
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