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  1. I was having the same problems. I got through all the other freezing problems in the boundary plain, but can't get past this one. I even started a new game+ and got all the way back there, but now it's freezing in the loading screen before leonis even gets to speak. I'm going to try a few different things before I give up, I've put too many hours into this game to give up until I know I've exhausted all the options. I will post back if I find a way around this.
  2. Yes. If your game is freezing when playing on the disc, it will freeze on the digital copy. I tried this, hoping it would work, but it didn't. Sorry.
  3. It doesn't work for getting all S ranks on page difficulty, as far as knight vs. squire I do not know, but knight is easy enough to obtain S rankings on I would do it on knight to avoid another playthough.
  4. From what I have noticed the difficulty does not affect the rating at all. To answer your question though it would be easier to get an S ranking on squire versus knight simply because you have less chance of dieing and it will take less time to clear the level.
  5. Where's my achievement for looking down her cleavage. --By mistake, of course--
  6. I bought it, and will finish it, but will probably never play it again. Unless this is your type of game, I would recommend renting.
  7. This acheivement frustrated me, it took a few tries to unlock. I just wanted a peek but went for an adventure
  8. I am enjoying the game quite a bit. It's not the best game ever but it could have been alot worse.
  9. I like the game for the most part, I'm a little past the halfway point of my first playthrough with few complaints. The boss fights seem to be a toss up most of the time, they are either ridiculously hard or very easy, depends on whether you get lucky or not. I think that the story line is pretty good, the graphics are okay, and the achievement list is average. It's an enjoyable game but I'll probably never play it again after I complete it. Hope that helps.
  10. I don't know if it works for cash games, but to make it easier and less time consuming, as long as you see the opponents hand before the river, you should have enough time during the time it takes the dealer to deal the last card to be able to determine your outs, or your opponents outs if you have them beat. You will have about a second and a half between the card being dealt and the game determining the winner to know if you lost or not, if you lost, go to the pause menu before the game determines the winner of the hand and exit the game. When you enter into the game again, you will join back in just before the hand you lost on. I also will pause and let the game auto-save before I get to that point as well, just in case I can't determine the winner quick enough.
  11. I agree that it sucks, I haven't played this game yet, will though, looks like an easy 1000 and i love Madden games, (considering doing the 30 years achievement without simming, but I'll see when I play for a while.) But my brother tried explained this to me on the cap number, (he's going to school for video game design) because I've noticed this number as a cap in many games. For example, rupees that you can collect in the original Legend of Zelda, Star Ocean games have a level cap of 255 as well as Infinite Undiscovery, madden 04 and NCAA football had a score cap of 255 as well, etc.... I believe what he was saying was that it has to do with the space of a byte. Since 256 is 2 to the 8th power and there are 8 bits in a byte, that would create a cap of 255 since you start counting at zero instead of one. I didn't ask the significance of the powers of 2 and why it's calculated that way, but it made since. I believe that what he said the significance of the number 2 was that it is the highest number value that takes one digit in binary code. I assume that the significance of raising 2 by powers is as simple as multication which would raise the value the quickest within the space of a byte. I'm not sure if that is the exact explanation that he gave me, but it made since.
  12. As an update to the above post, I have tried loading the achievements for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix countless times now and it is not showing up in my checklist as getting the achievements (It still says 0 of 0) but when I go to the actual game page it shows that I have the achievements and gamerscore. Completely befuddled here. I've tried deleting and reloading countless times, but always resulting in the same.
  13. I am having a problem getting my achievements for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix loaded. I read through this thread and have tried all suggestions, and nothing seems to be working. I've even gone through and checked each individual achievement to see if that would make a difference and it did not. I currently have the checklist deleted to see if waiting a day will make a difference. Crossing my fingers!!!! Help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Found expert relatively easy, with the exceptions of when McGonagall was fighting the giants (darn those death eaters) and the duel with Bellatrix (destructible cover was my downfall). Passed both with time and practice. Down to the challenges. (crossing fingers for first time passes)
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