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  1. You can see the stat on the official site http://www.battlefield1943.com Sign-in with your EA account and then go to My Soldiers to see the stats. I'm not sure if the site still updates them though :/
  2. Lucky Star. On my first attempt I dropped it after the 1st episode because I was bored out of my mind. They spent 7 minutes talking about food at one point. How do I know? Because I was so bored I counted... A year later a gave an another go and watched the 2nd episode. Dropped it for good, it's one of the most boring anime I've ever attempted to watch.
  3. For those of you who don't have a PS3T account and wanna see how it looks like: [spoiler=64454]http://img585.imageshack.us/img585/4770/t8nt.png
  4. Thanks :) I didn't make it though, a friend of mine did :p

  5. Your signature is amazing.

  6. Pretty sure the official term is "render" but a cool thread regardless Good job on those renders
  7. Yes, exactly. Every time you load a save file, all achievements are obtainable again even if you've used the cheats before. The achievements get blocked only during the session in which you used the cheats.
  8. No, no. It's "Sailor's Creed" now. Better than old board games, eh? Ubisoft, killed the AC franchise for me, so gonna get Watch Dogs instead. As for Far Cry 4, as long as it's not a rush job full of bugs like AC3 was I don't mind.
  9. Ahh, yes! The good old Spyro Too bad, the franchise got handed over to different devs, milked and absolutely ruined The originals on PS1 are the ones to remember.
  10. It'd make sense if a graphics team staff member was running the competition. As for the first step - if admins agree that the competition winners get a site award, someone would have to design/make it first After that it would be just a matter of setting it up, deciding on the first theme and stating the rules.
  11. If no one else wants to do it, I have no problem volunteering seeing how I brought up the idea. Despite only having a couple of posts on this site I'm a well established member with over 2500 posts at the sister site. Though, it'll probably be better to hand it to a more frequent member such as dakisbac if he's up to it Nice At the sister site everyone's allowed though, since the entries are anonymous during the time of voting and the voting itself is done via posts on the voting thread so everyone can see who's voting for what and how many votes every entry is getting.
  12. Yes, I was referring to that award I hope the staff will at least consider the idea. A moderator from x360a actually won the last month's SOTM over at PS3T so surely there must be more guys at x360a who'd like that kind of thing And thank you for liking my signature, I didn't make it myself though
  13. The SOTF last took place in 2010 (unless I'm missing something) http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/images/smilies/thinking.gif
  14. On a lot of sites, including the x360a's sister site PS3T, there are friendly competitions between people who are into graphics design called SOTM (Signature of the Month) and SOTW (Signature of the Week). It appears to me that there currently isn't a competition of such on x360a (unless, I'm at idiot and search function failed me) so why not start one? I'm aware that there actually USED to be a competition of this sort on the site called SOTF and if I understand correctly it was abandoned due to lack of entries and the people who were running it were too busy with IRL stuff. Seeing how there are plenty of talented graphics designers on this site, I was wondering if we could start a new competition similar to the sister site's one. Rather than running a season with a point system and weekly/bi-weekly time constraints for entries as it was done with SOTF, we could do a simple SOTM contest once every month. The winner of the month could get a site-award. That ought to attract more entries. Each month would have a different theme, the contestants then would be given 2 weeks of submitting their works via PM to whoever is organizing the contest and the 3rd week would be dedicated for voting. The entries would be anonymous during the voting time and everyone would be welcome to participate if they so wish. So what do you think? I'd like to hear staff's take on this but everyone is allowed to give their 2 cents Also if you're an active graphics designer on this site, tell me whether you'd like to participate in such a thing. (My apologies if this has been brought-up before)
  15. ^This. Seriously, the next-gen consoles (PS4, XBONE) haven't even come out yet and the guy already wants to think about the generation after. FFS how about concentrating on next-gen consoles that'll come out this year first. I mean, who knows how much better the games will be on PS4 and X1 just after like 3-5 years. Think about the difference between current gen games in 2006, 2008 and 2013. The leaps are huge.
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