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  1. I need the Originality achievement and I need two more people for the People Person achievement. As far as non-online specific achievements go I need to find one last location but I fear I will have to reset everything to do so and I need to get to level 50. I am level 46 right now (I'm pretty sure) and I'm playing as Logan. Thank you!
  2. Storyline Achievements- Sure, they're easy, but I'm going to do that anyway. It isn't really an achievement at that point. It is more of a place marker letting me know i'm "X" way through the game. Wasted Playthrough Achievements- I'm looking at you Dead Rising 2. Things like killing 72,000 zombies in one playthrough wastes the whole game and is completely pointless. Achievements that are worth less than there worth- Just like the previous complaint with Dead Rising 2's 72,000 zombie kills achievement some achievements aren't worth the time and effort we put in to them. All of DR 2's are worht 20G. This could have been 50 and I would have been happy. Vague achievements- Why give me a riddle? Give me a goal, not a puzzle. Online Achievements- Not everyone can play online. It sucks.
  3. Just got this from a friend. Can't wait. Thanks for the guide.
  4. Every time I try this my friend gets kicked off.
  5. Some of these trick kills are ridiculous... and AWESOME
  6. I can't wait to play this. The trick kills are so hilarious.
  7. Does anyone have any helpful tips for the Insanity Achievement? I'm not surviving as well as I'd hoped.
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