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  1. hi guys i was having the same problems tried the above posts and still didnt work i then did the level on recruit and finished the level then did it again on vetran and it worked 1st time hope this helps
  2. i have a session set up need 3 people if interested join club Ta Legends
  3. does anybody still play this game ?
  4. really that bad lol 1+ no glitched cheevos, think i will give this a miss
  5. looking to do this game again but does anybody still play it?
  6. is this game any good? worth buying? does it contain any glitched cheevos ?
  7. ive started a new account and love the dirt series, but need the 8 player cheevo does anybody still need this? i am looking to set up a session if i can get the players as it stands i have me and my brother let me now if your interested
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