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  1. When you ''taunt'' a friend after they killed some idiot that appears to be dead, when is the right time to do it? Or is this a random award. I just restarted after losing Marcus and Michonne clone. Having finished the first game on 360, would I be correct it saying this version has had its difficulty tweaked? Thanks in advance.
  2. I should think the starter kit is just that, as in a one-off thing. For example how you do not get your prizes etc back when you delete a save. I can not guarantee that, but to be honest, that in general how FTP works.
  3. thanks Oddly I do have knives and school bag.
  4. I keep trying to download the extra character but she never seems to install. The game prompts me everytime I load it. If I am correct she is only for the dlcs, but it is pretty annoying? Any ideas? Or is it just a thing that happens? :rant:
  5. Is a new game plus available or do I have to rpelay the levels? If so does anyone know which level I need to pay attention to, to switch sides? TY in advance
  6. just a nite I missed this one and had to go back to find it.. WRENCHWORKS OMEGA 1 Down right set of stairs in 1st conveyor room. for me this was in the third conveyor room on the left. I assume this changed as I had to replay the mission. (level/map even)
  7. seeing how this game has less achievement's???
  8. so... what was the info from a similar user please?
  9. Ok.. I am most likely being stupid here, xbox dot com assures me old content on some content can be downloaded.. yet my game has not done so 9on the content it suggested), do I have to do something different to aces older content? Thank you in advance I just got the ''s'' I am assuming I o not need to do anything different? Xbox took a lot of spacecash from me for purchases (granted not ths sites fault) but if anyone can point me in the right way to get this content, I will be most non besmirched, thank you please.
  10. Apologies if I spelt that so incorrect, I have a feeling I have? Anyway, I was delighted to see this game, return to xbox, although not remastered , so much, the quest for more cash, but whatever I enjoy these types of games. Anyway, yes, I am gassing to much, eww, so I have forgot how to make the president visit places, to increase productivity, or whatever. Thanks' in advance for anyone that advise me Reticulating Splines.
  11. Thanks for the information. I would suggest not contacting Frontier as they would not give two shiTs as they have in development ''planet zoo'' (sister product to Planet Rollercoaster) It seems like they have moved away from the atari franchises, and also the MS. In fairness as a beta customer for roller coaster world, I feel personally, this is a very wise move, if you like this sort of game that project is horrible (at the moment , after all, to be fair ''beta''). Back to topic, I would not be surprised what so ever if they (ms or whoever) had closed the servers, they (ms) expected the game to be a big hit, much like kinectimals, but sold way under the expectations. Saying that though, what kind of zoo tycoon does not have F'N Penguins? Dinosaurs? But noooo.. here have seven thousand breeds of bears you never heard of.
  12. I do not think so, sadly :/
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