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  1. hey sorry i never responded...it was like a year ago...lol...

  2. hey its been forever since we talked...how u been?

  3. Hi ! Thanks for accepting my Friend Request. May I turn to you if I have some hard to get achievements... ?

  4. What classic Shakespeare play in the film Omkara an adaption of? Othello What does the title character do at the beginning of Good Well Hunting? He is a Janitor Where in LA does the movie Collateral begin? LA Airport What band was featured in the Isreal Film Bikur Ha-Tizmoret? Alexandria Police Orchestra
  5. Who plays the title character in Unleased? Jet Li What is John Nash's health issue in A Beautiful Mind? Schizophrenia What was the first James Bond film to be approved by Chinese sensors? Casino Royale Who are the characters in After Life? Newly Dead Why was the Disney film in The Lion King changed from the original title The King of the Jungle? Lions Don't live in the Jungle. Who plays the younger brother of the estranged Family in Khabi Knushi Khobie Gham? Hrithik Roshan What state were the exterior shots of the Overlook hotel filmed in for the 1980 horror film The Shining? Oregon What novel ties the lives of the characters together in the film The hours? Mrs Dalloway What country is the setting for the 1959 post-apocalypitc Gregory Peck classic On the Beach? Australia What is the central plot device for the movie Deja Vu? Time Travel What city does Tom Hanks widowed architect move from in the 1993 romance Sleepless in Seattle? Chicago IL What Philly Easles coach is depicted in the Invinceable movie? Dick Vermeil What famous puzzle is demonstrated by Proffesor Rosain in the film 21? Monty Hall Problem Who played the lead role in the 2000 musical Dancer in the Dark? Bjork
  6. What did Internet fans of Godzilla call the despised American Godzilla in the 1998 US remake? GINO Where did Harold and Kumar 'escape from' in their 2008 movie? Guantanamo Bay What State aren't we in anymore, Toto? Kansas Where was HAL-9000 built in the iconic film 2001: A Space Odessy? Urbana IL What was the group of costume artists' trailers called during the filming of the film Batman Begins? Cape Town
  7. Yeah for Member of the Month :)

  8. Need Help with obtaining 1000 Kills and the Kill the Killers achievement. Will help in return. Please message me on xbox live, gamertag is v VIXEN v Thanks
  9. Thanks, and welcome to the site. If you need anything don't hesitate to hit me up via xbl.

  10. Very nice gamerscore ^_^

  11. I need help getting the online achievements. Send me FR v VIXEN v or just invite me to the matches. Thanks
  12. np, and good taste with gow2 :)

  13. As a 'gamermom' my heart goes out to the family. Sad.
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