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  1. I'm a fan of C&C it has been a while since a new one has came out, is this game good as c&c and is it worth getting. I'm not asking for a whole review.
  2. http://www.gosunoob.com/final-fantasy-xv/fishing-spot-locations-ffxv/
  3. Hi all I brought this game with all intention to play it, but I haven't played it yet is it worth while doing the theme park and if so what is the fastest way to get there ?
  4. Hi all I have a question about the handgun and shotgun. What one is better the normal one you get or the one that you have to repair ? Also after repairing it does it break again ? Thank you
  5. Hi I got the survival pack dlc, I used all codes and I got the recovery set and the chem fluid set but I haven't received the shotgun,handgun and burner set has anyone else had this problem. How do I fix it or who do I need to contact. Thank you
  6. Is the deluxe upgrade usable with more than one profile, is it worth the money.
  7. So how would I go about getting two endings from one run, I loaded the game on one xbone got one ending, then loaded on other xbone didn't let anything sync and it was too late. Then I've have tested if I delete from my saves from the console and the cloud and the try it to load it on the other console it wants me to start a new game (thankfully I done the with a different profile ).
  8. When your hp increased, were you a lord of cinder (embered)
  9. Oh I forgot to say we tried it before the update and we got all the items before the update so we didn't bother checking after the update, so it may be possible. Good luck
  10. My two brothers and I tried that same password, same SL, correct covenants, same location. We tried for a few hours and we got nothing, so we farmed the silver knights (things of nightmares) and now thankfully we have 100% the game. Good luck to anyone that needs the items.
  11. I've got a world for some achievements message me on Xbox live
  12. I don't know if anyone has noted this but with the Multi choice questions if you pause the game after you select it and wait for the achievement to pop you can quit out and be loaded up at the last check point. Boring stuff I know there is a chapter select, I don't know if there is a check point before all/most question and I was explaining something to someone about the show and as I went to put the control down I accidentally pressed a button and didn't pay attention to how long before I paused it so you may need to wait a few seconds or not, not too sure when/if it auto saves after you decide.
  13. That is a very good idea, I checked and was hoping for the best but it wasn't there.
  14. I've done all of the missions with doctor corrigan that I know of, I've done two of the MILA missions with TT (I'll try to do more) and I haven't done Tactical Thinking but it is in my quest log
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