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  1. Yeah but those quests and items should have been included in the main game, not part of DLC. They just decided to take them out of the main game and sell it seperately. To get a full game these days it we have to pay extra for it, it's terrible for gaming.
  2. Just adding a season pass is a rip off. They have taken things out of the main game and decided to sell it to us bit by bit. It should be left in the game, not taken out. I don't love to hate on DLC, i want to love it, but it's hard to love when they are cutting things out of the main game just so they can sell it seperately later. I'm fed up with it. Dragon Ball Z budokai Tenkaichi 3 had all of those characters included in DLC. 8 years later and if i want them i will have to pay for them seperately.
  3. I was excited until i heard about all this crap DLC. The game has already been ruined in my opinion. I'm sick of being ripped off. When i pay good money for a game i expect to receive the whole game, not a chopped up one. If i was to buy the game plus all the DLC i would probably end up paying over £100 for the whole lot, screw that. Gaming seems be getting ruined more and more as time is going on. We are constantly getting ripped off.
  4. But it isn't extra content, they have just deliberately left it out of the game so they can get more money from us. This stuff should already be in the game.
  5. Check this out http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/xbox_360_support/f/8/t/1802711.aspx?pi7406=15#5048245 It's been going on for 4 months nearly and Microsoft has done nothing about it. I have recently had the same problem myself. I am playing Space Channel 5 Part 2 and when i click achievements it shows 3 out of 12 complete. When i click on the game it shows 5 out of 12 complete and i can see the icon's. On XboxLive.com i can see the icon's but again it only say's 3 out of 12 complete when it should be 5 out of 12. Also my Gamerscore hasn't gone up on XboxLive.com but on my actual 360 it is showing that it has gone up. It's a complete mess right now and Microsoft are either ignoring it or haven't got a clue how to fix it.
  6. The Achievements on this game are not only 6/10 like the achievement road map says. It's at least a 9/10, i would actually give it a 10/10, this game is extremely difficult to get perfect for all levels.
  7. I don't know if you will see this, but i agree with all of your points. Personally i love this game, and i feel like i missed out on so much because i didn't get very long to play online. I only managed to get 1 months worth of online play before the servers closed down. That 1 month was great fun though.
  8. This is the best time for everyone to get a group of people together and work on getting this achievement. Hardly anybody plays online anymore from what i have seen so you should be able to get this achievement relatively easy now.
  9. Why are you being such a sarcastic dick ? does it make you feel like a big shot or something ? DLC is part of the game, all i am saying is that it would be nice to have that free aswell.
  10. I am happy, i'm just saying it would be nice if the DLC was free too. Fuck sake, get off your high horses.
  11. It would have been nice if they made the DLC free as well. There is a disgusting amount of DLC, all of that should be in the main game.
  12. Ahhhh, i understand now. They only show Seasons mode stats. Is there anyway to see your regular head to head stats ?
  13. I am sure plenty of people have asked this in the past but i haven't found an answer so i thought i would ask here. Why are my stats not updating on my player hub ? I have played 4 head to head games, i won 2 and the other 2 the players quit on me. So i go to check on my stats and everything is zero, what's up with that ? I looked around and people haven't been getting any answers to this question. This game has been out for over a year and it has had regular updates, how come this never got updated ? And before anyone asks, yes i know i am joining late, i don't like FIFA 14 so i decided to play this one online instead
  14. After all these years i can't believe that this mistake hasn't been corrected. Close Call With Raditz 01. Saiyan Arrival Character: Raditz Player Ki is 100% Player takes a Ki Ultimate Attack Player Fatigue is 50% or less On the ground This one is wrong, it's needs to be done on the fight after this one. I tried this about 5 times until i gave up and tried it on the second level.
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