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  1. Before you spend money, I want to refer you to this post by Spirochaete. It's not just a matter of obtaining the console, but you also need access to a Chinese cell phone. It's required to activate the system.
  2. Couple days late to the thread, but Yatogami mentioned using Kinect and HoloLens together and then I came across this article. This company is fusing the two together.
  3. I used to hang out on the XBox.com forums a lot back when the 360 first came out. I saw several people post about their tags being temporarily suspended due to something being in their profile. Mostly it was boring and benign things... like "Visit my blog at gamer.xanga.com" and stupid crap like that. Yet, they would still receive a suspension. It seems to me that Microsoft will give you a suspension for just about anything in your profile's bio. So I've kept mine blank for the past 10 years.
  4. Ant-Man outfit: Male: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Marvels-Ant-Man-Suit/00000ffc-81f6-8231-c624-5faf58570bb1 Female: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Marvels-Ant-Man-Suit/00000ffc-81f6-e212-cc40-3e5c58570bb1 -------- Mission Impossible Rogue Nation prop: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Avatar-Prop-Mission-Impossible-Rogue-Nation/00001000-a18b-22e3-ccca-77fd58570bb7 (thanks to R MK XXV and berno_da_mav over at XBoxAvatarGear for finding these)
  5. Beat me to it! Came here to post that!
  6. I was having a similar issue a few months ago. Games refused to install patches correctly and I couldn't move any data between drives. Tried everything to no avail. I finally did a reset to Factory Default. It fixed the issue, but it also erased the data off of my internal hard drive. Thankfully, the games installed to my external hard drive were still there. All of my saves were on the cloud, so I only had to reinstall a few titles and my system was back to the way it was before the glitch.
  7. Unfortunately, it does appear that spammers are going wild on Live. Within the past 2 months I've gotten 5 or 6 messages spouting random non-sense about visiting websites for deals on game keys, FIFA coins, and other garbage. A buddy of mine even got a message about how he's pre-approved to apply for a gamer loan and they provided a website where he could fill out the form. Ugh. Hate spammers.
  8. I tend to like the games that most people hate. Not sure why. A lot of the games mentioned here already -- in particular, Conan and Duke Nukem Forever. Enjoyed both games and bought Conan twice (US, GER) and Duke Nukem Forever three times (US, JP, PC). Also really liked Kane & Lynch and have completed the single player and multiplayer in all 3 versions (US, JP, PC). Just need to mop up a few achievements in US/JP versions. Had a lot of fun with Aliens: Colonial Marines as well. Reviewers tore that game up, but I thought it was awesome. Completed the full 1250GS in the 360 version and started working on the PC version. Some others that I have enjoyed: Quantum Theory Enemy Front (just started recently, but I've really liked what I've played) Battleship Mayhem 3D Alien Rage (only put about 2 hours into it so far, but it's been a lot of fun)
  9. My primary goal is to just have fun. After being in GTASC 2014, I'm kind of burnt out on achievement grinding, kid games, and JP visual novels. My secondary goal is to focus on games installed on my hard drive (XBLA, GoD). I'm running out of space and I want to start cleaning some things off.
  10. How does the saying go... oh yeah... a fool and his money are soon parted. link -- that listing has been sold.
  11. I remember Christmas morning -- being excited, tearing open the gift, and sliding the cartridge in the console with trembling hands. For hours, I would sit there and enjoy my new game. Now, kids get to sit for hours and wait for a patch to install. My nephews are getting four XBox One games from my wife and I. I went ahead and bought a 2TB hard drive, opened up the games, and installed + patched them using my console. That way, they can plug in the hard drive, and they are ready to game. My brother has a 3 MBit connection (fastest available in their area) and it would have taken forever for some of these patches to install.
  12. One game I had a hard time finding was Hasbro Family Game Night Fun Pack. No local stores had it in stock and when I looked on eBay and Amazon (about 4 months after its release), people were wanting $50-55 for used copies and $60+ for new copies. Just looked and it looks like the prices have gone up. $100 for a new copy on Amazon.
  13. Atari 2600. Picked up the controller when I was 2 or 3. Then in '84 my parents bought an Intellivision II. The voice module blew my mind. "It talks?!"
  14. If you make your wife's console your home console, your content on your personal system will be activated using your profile license when you sign in. So it won't effect you at all. It should work retroactively for previously purchased content. I believe you can make any console your Home console at anytime. On the 360, there is a wait period (I believe it's 90 days), but I don't think that wait period is required on the X1.
  15. It's my understanding that whichever X1 system is set as an account's *Home* receives the extra (console) copy of the license. For example, if your missus has your X1 set as her home console, then anything purchased with her account will receive a console license for your system. Then you can play her games without signing her in. She can then goto her own X1, sign in with her account, and play her games using her profile license (vs her console license that is attached to your console).
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