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  1. Is it even worth trying to get this achievement this late and not ever played a rank match? Trying to decide if I should go for this achievement.
  2. I totally agree with you. I think of games like gears of war series, chrome hounds, dynasty warriors, and I like battle for middle earth 2 even though max gamer score is 750. I rarely play online anymore, but I enjoy a lot of games, and my completion percent is low but I have over 50,000 gamer score, and even game I have play I get at least one achievement in it. I haven't play much lately but in the past I challenge myself to get one achievement every day for a year, it was a blast and a challenge to make sure I got an achievement on days I didn't have a lot of time because of my job.
  3. Other players looking for a fight, and kids playing games they shouldn't be playing!
  4. I enjoy getting achievements because I feel like it is a game inside the game itself.
  5. I do the same thing with starting a game get a couple of achievements and then I start a different game. I have around 20 games not started.
  6. Yea I wish I would of played this more when it was newer.
  7. I play with wireless, but at times I wish I would have a wired one. It never fails that the batteries die in an important part of the gaming session.
  8. Stupid ashes to ashes achievement. Then 343 has a dlc playlist for a little time, and then you get lucky to play on one of the maps every so often. I feel your pain!
  9. My understanding is it takes a few hours to update after you hit the 50 post limit.
  10. Single player Spidey: Web of Shadows Multiplayer Halo Reach or Halo 3
  11. Thanks didn't think it was possible but figured I would ask.
  12. When you unlocked an achievement offline is there a way to fix it so it has a date on it?
  13. I would say it's an achievement. I hope one day I will get to 100,000. I have a low completion rates because I enjoy playing all kinds of games. I once got at least one achievement every day for a year straight. It was a fun run I had going. What I like about game score is I feel like it represents the gamer. Everyone has a story behind their gamer score.
  14. I play both. At one time all I did was play online, and I got tired of all my friends picking fights with the other team so I switch to playing single player. Now I enjoy both just depends on the mode.
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