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  1. Looking for someone who can boost "Seriously" with 3 Xboxes, I have two 360's and one Xbox One (backwards compatibility). GT: Jimbo LaFleur
  2. Thanks for the info! Nevertheless, good thing that double-boxing this game got easier (with a separate Gamertag, a separate copy of the game and a Gold-membership)
  3. One thing I was thinking about: Since Gears1 can now be played on the Xbox One with the new backwards compatibility-feature, is it possible to play the game online with your Xbox One and your 360 at the same time? I don't think it works, but did someone ever try that?
  4. For me it was this order: 1. By my hand alone 2. Daredevil 3. Headhunter Headhunter could have easily been the worst one of all if it weren't for the glitch in the last room that allowed you skipping the entire last set of enemies.
  5. Can anyone share his experience on how long it takes before achievements in this show on your Gamertag? I unlocked "Sore Fingers" 6 hours ago and still does not show on my Gamertag... All the others showed instantly.
  6. I could not shoot down the Overseer-ship after building the Hyperwave Relay, I had only two badly equipped Interceptors that couldn't get the job done... Can anyone tell me how many in-game-days it takes until the Overseer shows again? Thanks in advance!
  7. I got the GOTY of this game for 15 Pounds and played it for over 60 hours, did all the achievements (plus DLC) and had during the whole time only one glitch (unreachable enemy behind a will that had to be killed for story progression). Seems like they managed to handle most of the glitches in the game with the 1.3.0 patch if you ask me (ok, you don't ) Oh and by the way, where does all the hate for this game come from? Of course it's a rip-off of other games - but hell, this game lives by its intense atmosphere and dark mood!
  8. I just git AWP yesterday - yesss! ...but something interesting happened: Although I do not have a "win" on "Bomb Da Base II" the achievement unlocked. I was quite surprised because after my last race I just wanted to replay "Bomb Da Base II" and then *plopp* there it was already!
  9. Oh really? I didn't know about that at all, thanks for the info!
  10. When you press "Start" in the Single-Player und go to "Stats" you can see in the "Leaderboard"-section every part of the multiplayer that you have "won" (ranked as first) or "completed" (ranked second or below). But how does this work for the three coop-missions? I mean, those are team-based missions that you can just "complete", right? The thing is, I got a "win" on both "Deal Breaker" and "Hangman's NOOSE", but "Bomb Da Base II" just counts as "completed" for me...
  11. I don't have the Nightwing-DLC yet but can anyone tell me if all of his moves are available right from the start? Or do you need EXP from the campaign to "buy" his moves like it is the case with catwoman?
  12. Looking to boost all multiplayer-achievements, including the DLC! I am in GMT+1 so it would be great if you are also in that range of time. Most days of the week I am online between 20:00 and 23:00 GMT, so let's see if we can work something out. GT: Jimbo LaFleur
  13. If you need someone for boosting just send me an FR, I need all the ranks and "Victory Medal". GT: Jimbo LaFleur
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