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  1. Looking for coop partner! Send me an invite TMG100
  2. You don't even have to boot the game again, if you change the time while it's still running, it just reloads the game with tasks etc complete. So before I load the game I always set the TZ to minus 12. Then have 26 hours to play with, then when you get to 14+ just go back to minus 12 again. I've noticed this sometimes makes the sound stop.
  3. Can someone explain to me how this works? I'm confused??!
  4. Does this still work? Can anyone still help me out?
  5. Looking for bell ringing achievement send me a message TMG100
  6. Looking to get the online championship, on now all you have to do is join and ready up. GT- TMG100
  7. Does this blueray dump need doing often?
  8. what I don't understand is what it's loading after you select a race, it asks you to press A then loads again??! What's it loading?!!?
  9. Do you not need to make a xbox live friend your team member for this to work?
  10. Other than the huge handling glitches that are going on left right and centre, everytime I brake the sound cuts out?? This them leads the game to jump all over the place as it's like the sound is trying to catch up? Has anyone else had this? I can only think my xbox is on its way out the way it's behaving?
  11. Hot wired is the same, I joined a game earlier with 7 or 8 people were sitting outside the base spawn all with rockets breaching charges and trip mines, was impossible to get out, while 4 guys just drove around in everything but the tanker.
  12. I've got mac 10 if anyone wants in exchange for double barrel
  13. Turned mine on yesterday got 21 pop in little over 5 mins
  14. I'm on level 12 and I'm still waiting for level 4 to unlock.
  15. Completed the game and this hasn't unlocked, I haven't even got the 100% locked issue going on, it's like I've never done it? Tried replaying that section over and over and nothing will work, anyone had something similar? Edit: ok so now I've done it 20 times, I finally have the 100% locked crap! FML!
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