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  1. Spyro: Dawn Of The Dragon has one annoying achievement that requires a two-player play through of the game, if that game would be appealing to you.
  2. Hell yeah, dude. BI is a unique world unto itself, unlike those other games.. They may not be terrible games, professionally developed in fact, but it doesn't make me want to play them. SW1313 didn't look bad, either, despite me not being a SW fan.. I would've gave it a shot, compared to the others. Watch Dogs has *mildy* interesting premise, now that I've actually bothered to really look at a trailer/gameplay demo.
  3. All four of those games look predictable and generic to me, I wouldn't waste my cash on any of them, unless they were like 10$ and I had no other games that I wanted to play. Neither of which will be likely, not now, not for a long time if ever, so.. Nah, they all suck. Bioshock Infinite all the way, besides a few select others that aren't really in the spotlight, but they look better than all of the boring GTA/watch dog/blah chaff that we have to choose from. This year's shaping up to be pretty good, with several titles that I know are gonna be pretty damn awesome, so I'm not going to complain about the boring throw-away overly-hyped titles, I just ignore those.
  4. Lost Odyssey. Pretty sure it's a 360 exclusive to boot.. One of the best JRPGs I've played in recent years.
  5. Burburnator88, you are a gentleman and a scholar. (Feel free to contact him, friends. He's willing to help anyone!)
  6. Well, Fallout 3 may not even have been Fallout "proper", but I enjoyed that version of the Obsidian shooter clone more than New Vegas. I would love it if they released an isometric turn-based Fallout for the 360, in the vein of the early original games, but I don't believe that will likely ever happen.
  7. It's really just my opinion, that of the two, I feel Fallout 3 is more of a complete experience. Maybe I just didn't play New Vegas through to the end, but it felt like nearly the same game to me, nothing drastically different feature-wise where I was going "holy shit, this is so much better!" It seems as though most hate FO3 anyway, I'm likely one of the only posters who didn't speak in favor of New Vegas.. Can't change how I feel about it, and I played it first, go figure..
  8. Felt like New Vegas was essentially Fallout 3 with subtle touch-ups.. I just felt like Fallout 3 was more of a complete experience for me, personally. I actually didn't mind the fact that it might've been a bit more linear than New Vegas. I mean, sure, I'd love to play 1 or 2, but apparently that seems impossible or illogical to port to the 360 for whatever reason, so it is what it is, I got the original games for my PC. I don't think FO3 sucks, I just don't like FO:NV at all. A fallout fan could choose to never play and nothing of value would be lost, the game doesn't really add much, they're not missing anything.. There's nothing to experience in the game that you couldn't experience from the other three, it's a throw-away title for me.
  9. Thanks, dude, but, uh, I posted this thread on another board (totally unrelated to this sort of stuff, ironically) and someone linked me to a driver that actually WORKED! Woo! I could finally play all of the stuff I used to.. So I'm reliving my childhood once again with a few dozen N64 ROMs now. Time to go play Paper Mario now.
  10. I'm running an emachines, T3656. Originally, it came with windows Vista. I had to re-boot everything, and incidentally used windows XP re-installation CDs.. And so what do you know, I'm running XP.. This has been an issue for a long time, and I sort of just accepted the fact that I can't play any games that are 3D, for instance.. Now, I've decided that there must be something I can do, that I didn't figure out when I'd initially ran into this problem.. I really want to play a damn game. Let's say I download an emulator to play an N64 video game? I get this error as soon as I start up the emulator; "Direct3D failed to initialize your HAL device; Make sure you have a properly configured 3D graphics card compatible with Direct3D 6.0" At this point, I'd love to re-boot it once again and go back to Vista, but I don't have the Vista recovery discs.. I guess I could still call for them, but I'm hoping there's a quicker, easier alternative to being able to run games again? Originally I had no problem Doing a little Google-searching, I'd just tried locating my video driver via Device Manager, and I've got "Video Controller (VGA Compatible)".. Not sure what this is, exactly, if it is the video driver.. The "details" tab is blank, any "update/installation" attempt fails because it can't find the hardware or something.. So I went to the Emachines site and put in my model information and got all of the drivers needed.. Really just the video driver. Tried to install it.. And apparently it's not a good idea to do with XP, it's not a guarantee that it'll work or that it wouldn't totally mess up my computer, so said the pop-up window.. So what the hell do I do? Is there not a video driver for my model that CAN work with XP, since I "downgraded" (Some would probably consider it an upgrade)? Or is my model somehow tied to Vista? What could I possibly do? I just want to run some nintendo 64 games, dang it. EDIT: It also says that the default/selected video plugin is missing or invalid.
  11. I only need to find the Barbershop Sign.. Anybody?
  12. Nevermind, I played a second time and found them all. I figured nobody would know of any other guides, and I guess I was right, as usual.
  13. Could you possibly help me? I've spent a lot of time looking for this bastard, he's all I need to finish all of the challenges... And if you've passed that point, can ANYONE here possibly help me? I'd help with anything you need, be it BL2 related or some other game that we both have..
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