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  1. Or jist DL the demo, just a thought
  2. Is dust worth it? Definitely jumpin on SR3, as I hated the first one, felt like a complete rip off gta. So im only to imagine its gotten better by that i mean the controls lol. But main thing is dust worth it???
  3. I dont know what happened but it stopped after 6 times?????????
  4. Seeing makes more since. Im doing it now thanks. Only i end back in my apartment not in my car
  5. Thanks. No i dont remember as ive always hated anything they've put out since ps1. So i never payed no attention to them at all. Glad SPSOT went else where or i wouldve had to suck it up
  6. In no way am I actually trying for, But to have a leisure game of golf isnt bad for around 2000 xp when I dont wanna deal with the missions. I to have gotten close by hitting the flag pole. If it happens it happens but im not going to sit there for hours trying for something when so much other stuff can be done
  7. Can this still be obtained? I know THQ is long gone, and will not get this game if i cant get one achievement
  8. People are gonna think what they want and say what they want, but isnt this thread supposed to be for announcing the 2 free games a month and or talking about speculation of the 2 free games and or talking about the 2 free games? Why is all this useless nonsense on here? Should make an official Game with Gold bitching thread
  9. Thank you much appreciated. Sounds like a lot of work for nothing man, and they dont count toward platinums. Seems like a waste of time plus you run the risk of someone else getting to the truck before you and, id rather follow the list above you and have it count for everything
  10. Ya me to but i wanna know if someone has actually gotten a hole in one not come close. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades
  11. Anyone get a hole in one or know someone that has? I have not so im wondering if anyone has
  12. Fuck that easier alone. Ive been sitting here for hours doing hidden incognito focus bonuses amd not worring about arieal and all that other bullshit. Then the fucking decos come out at 20, id wait by them to show them selves and what do you know I get stunned. I need at least one other to get the other target. Again fuck that easier alone
  13. Does anyone know when and where they spawn. Ive only had 2 show up in solo sessions. One i didnt have stickys and tried to get in and got shot down, the other showed up but then dissapered 2 seconds later. Ive been driving all over and nothing. Anyone know of where and when they show up?
  14. heres another race, this is perfect for the platinum award airborne spinderella and flippin hell. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/Darkness727420/games/gtav/jobs/job/lTIJ_ElVZ02kxvTnMGIxYw?platformId=1
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