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  1. start up a private game with 2 people set map to Central Moscow or East Africa they are helicopters set it to private on a 8v8 all private slots up to 15 set the time to 30 minutes long set it up with no bots now just sit in here and wait till the time is up for every 30 mins you don't need to fly around you can just sit idle in the match you can not sit in the menus it don't count it took me about six days to get this achievement like this LOL credits go to Zanger Zombolt for coming up with the idea on the helicopters
  2. check your game save on the dashboard take note of your fight time before going for the 50 hours (it includes offline flight time)http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/7808/20111023021551.jpg
  3. i did this and it can work but i wont work as the mission still has a 30 minute time line
  4. All you have to do is play and FINISH EACH MAP IN EACH GAME MODE Death match Paris Miami Washington D.C Moscow Dubai Oil Field Central Moscow East Africa _________ Domination Paris Oil Field Miami Central Moscow East Africa _________ Capital Conquest Washington D.C Paris Moscow Miami Dubai
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