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  1. I think they was just trying to reflect the games nuke problem on the real life situation of nukes. The event results are unknown to them just as it is to us in the real life situation. Obviously this is a video game so the chances of ridding the mgs world of nukes is possible. But complaining about it won't do anything so get stealing and disarming!
  2. Sorry, you'l have to start again. Shame they don't have multiple save files, you'd think with FC3 having them and only 2 choices, that the 4th game with multiple choices and outcomes would give you lost of save files. Hope this is patched in at some point.
  3. I chose Sabal, after seeing what each character does at the end i am happy, there was no way i could have known Sabal would have turned this way when i made my choice, the vision of him killing people was only drugs. Where as Amita felt like a dictator herself from the start, and her annoying "Everyone is unfair to me because im a girl" lines pissed me off, she was literally in the same position and rank as Sabal and i never saw her get treated unfairly once. I was unsure about Pagan, I feel in the end maybe he was not so bad, i plan to play the game again and read more of his notes before i make that choice, in the end he was simply being nice to you all along, sure he was bad, but it really was none of your business in the first place, keeping in mind i most likely killed twice as many people throughout the game as he had killed.
  4. That's pretty much a tutorial? Follow what it tells you to do. If not use Lures to keep them away, just keep an eye on them and stick as far as you can away from them whilst you move by, don't bother trying to take any out up close, just ignore them and move on.
  5. Do it again but play differently, avoid stealth as much as you can, go full Rambo combat mode. Or if you already played like that, go through as stealthy as possible.
  6. Nothing is being stolen it is "fake" data. The only thing you will lose is a little bit of XP towards your multiplayer unlocks, but they honestly do not matter too much. As for the achievements they were some of the last i obtained. I kept getting hacked instead of tailed which sucked. One thing i did start doing is if you tail someone it seems to give them the chance of revenge on you, or opens you up for players to join you. So i would usually do that, then park in an open area and pretend i am not playing, players would swarm around me and get comfortable hacking me, then i would drive at them or run at them for a laugh. Remember people that tail you have to initiate the tail for it to start, so do not kill them too soon, make sure 100% they have began the tail and hacked you before you finish them. Also a good way to know if there is a person in your game is to turn on focus, if the game does not go into slow motion it means someone is in your game, so you can get the drop on them or stop driving so they can catch up and start the hack.
  7. Have you downloaded everything after getting the season pass? Go to downloads and make sure it is all ticked off, and then check on your storage. Also make sure you have Badblood Part 1, and part 2. I am not 100% sure on this but i think Part 2 may be what adds the selection to the main screen of the game. Also i got the season pass just the other day, i checked my save for you now and i still have all my points, i really can't help you on that one, sounds like a glitch, a pretty shitty glitch, sorry.
  8. For all the achievements you will only need bad blood, i am not sure of it's price but i got the season pass on deal as it was not much more expensive and i loved the game. I tend to always be "wrong" with games i enjoy, everyone claimed this was rubbish and never lived up to its hype, i never followed along with the hype, but i was so glad when i got this. It's a real comfy game to play, I enjoyed the story as basic as it was, and the online was the most fun i have had online in a long time. I also really have a thing for games that have sort of built-in check-lists for the 100% so this was great for me. Then again that's just my opinion, i can see why some people would dislike it, but for me recently i have not played many new games, and this really satisfied me, got the season pass just the other day, and plan to go badblood and then go through the game again with the new guns and outfits a second time. I Would say buy it, then again my brother got it and stopped playing at the second chapter, and nobody ever invaded his world, So it really is 50/50 i feel. You'd have to rent it out maybe to be sure.
  9. Wow, posted this years ago and it is still going. I actually recently came back to the game, and came back to this section to see if anyone had complained about the lock picking after getting frustrated at a level! Completely forgot i had already complained about it myself. Anyway with lock picking i did find that i would focus on getting the line in between the small bar, this does not work because thats not the point, the point is just below it, so focusing on lining up the bottom line with the main line worked better, instead of in the middle then down a bit as i was doing. Still can't figure them out either way, i guess il try emp's and what not next time i jump on.
  10. I do not have much space on my harddrive, so when a new free game comes out i have to delete some older arcade games to make room. I start the download up with plenty of space free for it, then half way through it will say "Download failed" i check my harddrive and my space is gone, the whole amount of the game is gone. I try to re-download the game and it will not let me because i do not have enough space. It happened once before and i went ahead and deleted more for the room, now it's happened on a 7gb game and it's getting frustrating i am not sure if they are taking the original 7gb either or if i will get it back after downloading the game for the second time. Anyone had this problem? i looked online and one guy said he phoned up and after trying everything they just refunded him for his games, which can't really happen in this situation as it has fucked with my hard drives space and the games are free with gold.
  11. It seems the disc based game is the glitchy mess, i brought it digitally and have not had a single problem and i am on 56% I am having a small problem with the multiplayer where it is hard to find matches with people in, or i get disconnected half way through the match, apart from that what i have played of it i really enjoyed, i would of liked a split screen mode for the co-op but the versus was enjoyable from what i played, i am happy they added it. It's games that add it and make it as similar to the next big FPS shooter as they can that bug me, at least this game did not go full cod clone mode like many others do. I guess the only bad thing i find about the game is the DLC, there is no season pass to download and each level is expensive as fuck, i'l wait it out for a deal but would of really liked a season pass seeing as i would not buy the weapons otherwise. I guess they lack maps too, i enjoy the layouts of them and how much work they put into each one but more would of been nice.
  12. True I Skill


    I had that same problem, they never really explained it well, anyway you hack into the camera then there will be one camera that lines the QR codes up nicely, you can only do them through the camera.
  13. Got the game on the games on demand deal, i downloaded the multiplayer also. It takes ages to find matches sometimes it finds nobody or just one person, other times it finds big matches with plenty of people. I can play for roughly 5-10 minutes and then it will just disconnect me, and say my connection was timed out, it happens literally every match i am in. Whats up with that? does anyone else have the problem or know how to fix it? I really enjoy the online from what i have played but taking so long to find a match only to be disconnected half way through is a pain in the ass.
  14. I have not looked at the road map... But from what i remember is the game is there is an achievement for driving every single vehicle in the game. So say there are 150 vehicles and 3 of them was glitched, you could simply buy the DLC vehicles and drive 3 of them and it would count to driving "all" of the vehicles. Sorry if i explained this poorly... So pretty much play the game and see if you can drive them all, if you need just a few more and can't find them or they are glitched you can buy the dlc and drive those vehicles (any you like) and it will count in place of the ones you have not driven.
  15. Pretty much all of them, i think i managed one but i mean the last guy actauly caught me by luck he just came at me. Thanks for the link that's what i was after i was having trouble finding guides by the same person to them all, it'l help a lot.
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