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  1. Just finished the last two achievements. going through level 1 & 2 without any continues. Man lotta swearing going on but I did it!!!
  2. The first list only has legend on sale not anniversary?
  3. I've completed Tomb Raider Legend for 1000 and was thinking about getting the DLC version of anniversary for another 250. Now I think it would be better to get the full version of anniversary and get 1000 instead of 250 for the same effort? Am I missing something?
  4. Im online today lets get all of the online achieves. GT joemac63z
  5. Im all this weekend need black and 20 online matches. will help with others GT joemac63z
  6. Im on all this weekend for online achieves GT joemac63z
  7. I'm looking for all GH coops. I'm on all day today. GT joemac63z
  8. I had been playing the entire game on drums and then got lazy and switched to super easy singing for a few songs. When I switched over I opened up the teleporter. Maybe I did not sign in under singing when I opened it up?
  9. I think I screwed up when unlocking this. I have been playing as a drummer for the whole tour. I then switched over to super easy on voice to take a break and unlocked the teleporter. I did not get the achievement because it was under voice and I cannot figure how to get it back? It has automatically unlocked when i go in and i cannot figure out how to ge tthe achievement? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I'm new to all of this achievement stuff and noticed a number of the easy 1000s are sports games where you have to either sim seasons or change all of the sliders to get things quickly. It seems like everyone is doing this but was this really the intent of the achievement to begin with? I will probably get blasted for bringing this up but I'm not sure I would consider those points ok? Jusy my two cents. I would be intrerested in others opinions?
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