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  1. *Spoilers* Starting a fresh game get some weapons and food/drink items and go directly to yucatan and kill Ted and Snowflake. Save Lenny and then head to Roy's Mart and save Denyce. Wait until the next case and save LaShawndra and Gordon Finish Case 1 Next you'll get a call for Kenneth and Jack at Shanks, so save them. A call for Kristin will follow. Have the leadership book found in the bookstore in Royal Flush Plaza so you don't have to carry her. The call for the Chuck battle should come, so store your survivors in the MX room in the rock waterfall and start the battle. Defeat Chuck quickly and before case 2-1 hits you should get a call for Randolph in Palisades Mall. Depending on your time remaining, you could go get him now and grab the clown car in the Silver Strip on your way back to the safe house, or iniate 2-1 and go get him afterwards.
  2. If you already have one in your inventory it won't be there. I tried getting 2 of them and it only allows for one. Not sure if you can have one in your inventory and get one off one of the survivors or psychopath that uses an LMG in Sandbox.
  3. #29 Erotic Magazine - Slot Ranch Casino Bathroom Stall Floor (Gives 100% PP Boost to Erotic Pictures)
  4. Interest will be dead by then. I mean, most people probably have already finished the game multiple times by now and unless you just want to waste more money to mess around, these new costumes are useless.
  5. Money cases = easy gold on the Slot Ranch Money Challenge.
  6. Probably impossible seeing the time it takes to collect, return, and empty out your inventory. You would have to make 4 complete full trips and I just don't see it happening, but I could be wrong. I would think 10 slots is the minimum you want to try this challenge with.
  7. Only the cardboard one was preorder as far as I know. I didn't see anyother stores listing a preorder bonus for Costumes except for GameStop.
  8. I started with Lenny first (Killed both Ted and Snowflake) then picked up Denyce. That way if you had to go through Yucatan with survivors you wouldn't have to deal with Ted and Snowflake.
  9. I locked her up in the Fountain Park MX shop in the middle of the rock waterfalls and had no issue saving her.
  10. He only sells them if you have them in your inventory already. It's like the one on the Silver Strip. If you have Flamethrowers made, he'll sell them, otherwise he doesn't have them.
  11. I've done it multiple times with no issue. The only time I ever had an issue is when I was on a kills challenge and I got grabbed by a zombie that messed me up, so instead of breaking free I just tried to reload the checkpoint and my game got tainted with the annoying sound of when you are being grabbed by a super zombie (clock ticking sound) I had to dashboard and come back to get rid of it, because even loading a save file didn't work.
  12. All over the place, but easily found in Sports Shops.
  13. You go up the stairs to the roller coaster, break through the window and head right.
  14. If you did the WWJD mission and got the gun, that does some good damage to Boykins.
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