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  1. It doesn't matter. Either way, I appreciated this. I don't see myself as a bad person, but I just ignite reactions really easy. You guys can hate me as much as you want, but it won't bother me or anything. I do want to credit EliteShadowMan though because initially he almost soiled my troll job by saying "we should ignore him". Anyway, I'm done here. I got my reactions and people talking about me. Troll well done.
  2. Not really. I was on discord with a few friends of mine and told them "I bet I can go post a cocky message on a forum and get people talking about me and my channel for a page or more". I posted an easy bait and everybody jumped on faster than a speeding bullet. The funniest part was "the detective work" to find my channel and "was a bad idea to come on and brag". This was literally the most obvious bait I have posted all year and a lot of my videos are bait already. The reactions I ignite from some people are amazing. Some people hate my guts. A lot of people love me, but fuck I love being able to ignite reactions from people and have them play in the palm of my hand.
  3. that was by far the easiest troll job ive ever done in my life yes thats my channel and i posted that to ignite a reaction. u gave me good content so i appreciate it and it will be used for future generations of trolls btw: google my gamertag if you wanted to find my youtube. its page 2 of google. i thought you would of used that, but honestly didnt expect the other method. anyway, i appreciate you visiting my channel and i got what i came for.
  4. Meh. If you want to take my post that way you can, but its not really what I was going for. I truly do thank my time on xbox and its not like I posted on the XBA main site, but just the sub section for anime which my post is most relevant. No, I don't think you guys are beneath me. Though, if you want to read my post like that then more power to you. Loose ends are subjective to the person. You have no right nor say on what one's loose ends are. As I said, a few people involved here changed my future quite a lot so I wanted to thank them. I don't plan on returning to the past outside tying up those loose ends, but only plan to look towards the future. Anyway, I won't post here again and you can think of me any way you like or dissect my posts any way you choose. If you see my posts as bragging or whatever you want to think, go ahead. Its not like we were ever friends anyway so this post really has nothing to do with you to start with. Have a great day my man!
  5. I just like to tie up loose ends. I think Xbox was a big chapter of my life because I was really into gaming back then and there were numerous things that really changed my direction in life so I need to thank the people here for introducing me to mal, a certain somebody for giving extra drive with my content to prove the naysayers wrong and I want to thank Xbox in general because they were good times. I hope you and everybody else is doing great too.
  6. Ratings are pretty subjective, especially by mal standards, though I'm not trashing the website because I love myanimelist and want to support it for a very long time. Its good to see the xbox crew again. I've had some differences with some people here, but I don't think its very important anymore. Everyone ever has clashes so I hold no bad will towards anyone.
  7. Ew. Honestly, I've moved on from Xbox. I do PlayStation now, run a youtube channel with a good following that makes money and though on hiatus moderate the myanimelist discord. I have absolutely zero interest looking back on my xbox days and to be frank, there's really no reason or impulse to be friends with anyone on my old list when I am already surrounded by people, not to sound cocky or overconfident. A lot has changed in 3 years and going back to the past would be degrading of my current self and success. Hopefully I don't come off as cocky, because I don't mean it that way. There was however a couple comments a few years ago I used as ammunition to drive my youtube/twitch career further. I took a page out of Tom Brady's playbook and had a chip on my shoulder from the infamous line said by a certain somebody: "ha, twitch. why stream when you will only have one person watching you". I'm just rambling though. I like to tie up loose ends. So, I appreciate all the friendships and clashes I've had on xbox. It made me much stronger, but going backwards would be degrading to my advancement I've made.
  8. I love all the fucking tears.
  9. Druggy vs DeflateGate Stooge, this Sunday! Lol, go Brady!
  10. I'll post one in couple weeks.
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