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  1. I didn't find the game to be that bad. I was little skeptical about buying it with 10-12 hour and 7/10. But after I got the hang of it I managed to knock this one out in just 4 hours and 35 minutes. Found it to be tricky in a few levels the last level I thought would be a little more tough though I got pretty lucky. There were some levels in the platforms that were little ridiculous. But over all it was fairly enjoyable. I would give it more of 4-5/10 with my 4 and half hour completion time. That was just though so I'm sure this will vary a lot. Either way totally worth the 2.99 sale price.
  2. I don't agree with digital games as I prefer physical copy's. But really any time a full retail game is this cheap it hard to pass up. And the only way they can have it this cheap is with digital games.
  3. Looking to some of misc achievements for cards that I will probably never use. Anyone game let me know GT: Mr Chang 3000
  4. I worked through Halloween night but played the evil within on Halloween day. Will this still unlock for me. If the community achieved it?
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong because the last time I played this game was like 10 years ago but isn't the capture 30 territory's missable and able obtainable during that one part in the first quarter of the game?
  6. I think this was the same with Resident Evil 4.
  7. Titanfall scored higher on metacriditc than the PS4 version of destiny and the way the Xbox one version is looking it will probably score lower than the ps4 version.
  8. Im not trying to target you but I am so sick of people comparing this game to halo. I'm not saying this to stick up for halo or destiny. I'm saying I dont know what halo and destiny have to do with each other, other than both being FPSs and made by Bungie. Other than that its more than annoying listening to everyone compare these games.
  9. Simgle player games feels linear and hollow. Multiplayer feels it will never be anything special. I don't know what game was a bigger disappointment this or titanfall. Thank god we have releases like minecraft Halo collection and GTA (although the multiplayer was a little under underwhelming) that will keep me playing my Xbox one through this holiday season. Edit: Is there any reason there hasn't been a critic review release on metacritic yet? Is it like oh man I we really should wait a couple days before we give this game a subpar score?
  10. I got a couple of achievements yesterday that should have unlocked but didn't the one for collecting the original 20 squirrels and and completing all the new tracks. I've got gold on all of them.
  11. Although ive prefect every other trials game. It's nice to see a list that isn't Dystored with taxing mini game achievements and boring trick ones. This list seems do able other than the achievement for I believe the wheelie mini game I was never good at those. I'm sure we'll see some more difficult achievements as dlc. Because that seems to be the trend with trails games. I would also like to add this is a little scary because then they might have just made the game over all too easy.
  12. On most of the time want to get most of these before titan fall comes out add me Gt: Mr Chang 3000
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