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  1. Decision related achievements - requires 1.8 play-throughs to 100%.
  2. Thanks for the written walk-through! I know they are a huge amount of work.
  3. There is nothing difficult about this game or the achievements. There are no puzzles to be solved. It's really just exploration and discovery. The jumping challenges are not overly difficult and can be gone at again-and-again until successful. The after-death respawn point was always excellently placed. So the only point of frustration will be finding the last few collectibles without resorting to watching someones video walkthrough.
  4. 11-15 hours if you use a video guide to mop up the collectibles... I imagine much longer if you go it on your own.
  5. I found something called the Raptor L.E.A.P Suit. There are no special stats, abilities, or achievements attached to it, but cool never the less. It can be found about halfway through the first map, Windigo Lake.
  6. The base game is very easy, very short, and reasonably fun... the collectible-based achievements are not. Without maps or any kind of collectible tracking it became a frustrating slog and I ended up watching someones play-through video to find what I was missing (which was quite a bit). ...not the way I like to go, but it gets it done. It took me twelve hours, but I really stink at video games, so cut that in half for anyone else.
  7. Failed to unlock for me as well. <head waggle> I don't know if I'll bother replaying it... There are times HOGs are a fine way to pass a bit of time on the laptop and tablet, but they don't seem to transfer well to the console/television. Objects seem harder to find and the game play is just so boring compared to anything else you could be doing with your time on the console. Edit: I wonder if having started a game, stopped, and starting a new game without having deleted the save-game-file(s) might have triggered the glitch. I had restarted to pickup achievements on the first HOS.
  8. Another very helpful review: http://www.xblafans.com/stranger-sword-city-review-dungeon-crawling-adventures-86054.html
  9. Weird. I'm not having that problem, but instead discovered that every 360 game of zero GP that I had long ago deleted from/on the 360 is now appearing on my profile on the One. Another profile on our machine shows no achievements whatsoever, just a message suggesting we get our game on and go earn some. <head waggle> Sup with the random chex-mix problems with peeps cheevo-list all-of-a-sudden?
  10. We have several profiles on our Xone and this we noticed... When someone quits a game to the dashboard, the game is often actually still running. So when another person comes and logs out that previous profile and logs on with their own... the game that was left running automatically appears on the second user's achievement list with zero GP. We've learned to use the Menu button to close whatever might have been left running before logging on.
  11. The Achievement Page thing is probably related to the update MS is currently rolling out. OS version: 10.0.10586.1100 (th2_xbox_rel_1602.160210-2122) fre One of the new features implemented is an improved gamer score screen. http://majornelson.com/2016/02/18/updates-rolling-out-this-month-see-whos-in-a-party-gamerscore-leaderboard-and-more/ The xbox-live-not-updating-syncing thing might be due to the hackers.
  12. EXM9000


    From where you picked up the robes; go back to the lift. Iirc, it's on the left, in a bend of the trail. The lift lever is there, but it's sketchy/dodgy. You will have to wiggle around a bit to get the hotspot to activate. Hope that helps.
  13. Why am I now automatically "Following" the games I play and how do I make it stop? Update: 2015.12.15 Now it has stopped. Perhaps my removing and replacing the profile fixed it, perhaps that system update on the 14th reset something, perhaps it was something else all-together. Dunno. Just glad it cleared up.
  14. EXM9000


    Sorry for the obfuscation, it seemed clear to me when I ran through it, but I suppose one's own description of something always does. I added some more adjectives there that will hopefully help others in the future. Thanks for your comments.
  15. No Prob, thanx for taking the effort in writing the walkthrough ;)

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