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  1. I need some serious advise on where to find these items like Goldskin or anything that gives me a + gold drop, can someone please give locations and details
  2. They did indeed and I'm so glad they did dump the idea, these online passes need to be stopped especially when you have to have a Gold Live account to play online anyway which has to be paid for.
  3. Apologies, I completed this game a quite some time ago now and I got all the collectables and the full 1000G. Fantastic game and the level reply makes things so much easier.
  4. I'm still with Red Bull, just continued normally from race 2 instead of turning off the auto save and retiring every race. I have now gotten to Silverstone and it is asking me for a path again. I have chosen balanced. Again no option to end R&D path. I now have this, I had to wait until Korea to be able to end the R&D path.
  5. I have continued to play normally, I am now at Bahrain where it is asking me for a path to choose 1. Aggressive 2. Balanced 3. Cautious. No option to end R&D. I have won every race so far.
  6. I am the number 1 driver but both times asked so far only said about direction and not about ending the R&D path???
  7. If I start the season again I will only be equal status so It will mean I will have to complete the season again. How many times in the season will it ask you about the path? If it is 3 times then I can play normally and answer the first 2 R&D paths with a direction then on the third choose to end (although when it got to the 2nd R&D before it said it would be that for the rest of the season) Thanks for any help in advance
  8. The guide did not work for this achievement. I was number 1 driver with Red Bull: Season 2. I won the 1st race and then did what it said and retired every race there-after. I was given the option twice to change R&D paths but only between 1. Aggressive 2. Balanced & 3. Cautious. Now I have just gotten the email to say I have been demoted to equal status, I never got the option to end R&D at any point. Please advise if you have gotten this achievement. Many thanks
  9. Co-op Driver's World Champion is GLITCHED Just completed this with a friend, I let him win and it did not pop for him. Thats a lot of wasted hours
  10. Its OK I figured it out
  11. So does anyone have any idea how to do this? As with previous F1 games you do not normally get to choose your car in quick match. Winning the race is a whole other thing
  12. When I get round to trying it I will probably go for Australia, I find it one of the easier tracks
  13. Thanks for the info, the more I play this game to more of a piece of shit I think it is and I have loved all the F1 games on the Xbox 360 so far. That Ferrari car is a load of crap, totally uncontrollable
  14. Ok where is this car & where is racenet on the game itself, I have the Classics edition but can not find it. Thanks
  15. Tried the online earlier to meet with horror... Joined a quick match, then it was losing connection to everyone but no matter what button I hit I could not get out of the online mode without exiting to the dashboard, WTF. I agree the cars feel very different, the back end is now so loose, the wheel spin is mad even when lightly pushing on the right trigger. I'll carry on playing when I can and see how it goes I suppose
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