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  1. Calex that's fine bro I only have 3 now when do u think u have time and I'm on holidays so time isn't a issue
  2. I have 4 side mission I'm desperate to finish and I need some help to complete these they r. Tier 3 battle: appetite for destruction Master teethe invincible Tier 3 rematch: bar room blitz And another tier 3 match Gamertag is: ACHIEVEMENT C0P All in caps and the o is a zero
  3. I Need to level zero up 9 more levels and I need to level gunzerka up 21 levels I also have 5 add on side missions i need help with my gamer tag is ACHIEVEMENT C0P It's all in caps lock and the o is a zero PLEASE IM DEPERSTE
  4. Need help to kill terramorphus my gamer gage is ACHIVEMENT C0P Pleas help I'm desperate
  5. hey mate is it ok if my bro and I add u so we can get this achievement
  6. I got the the achievement I did 50 games in career mode with my virtual pro playing for real madrid but I made sure he played a full game and didnt even sub him off during a game
  7. No problem. Just intro yourself to the community in the profile section ;)

  8. has any one actually played a full season Im about half way through. is there any glitches to get it done quicker
  9. this game is horrible I had to finish this game 3 time because stuff keep glitching up on me
  10. lol the game is crap but the good thing about it is that it is easy
  11. wat do people this about this game is the achievements easy
  12. my apologies I just really wanted my gamer tag on there

  13. You need 5 Non Spam posts please. It's not hard to do :) Just pick out some games you actually do play, and discuss them.

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