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  1. Can any one help me with this problem of NO option to cut the wires. I am playing this on the 360.
  2. Tried multiple ways of searching and still nothing! Thank you for posting back.
  3. I have uploaded some levels to this game and now I can't access them! I have looked under "levels I made" and it says that they don't exist! Yes I did save them! Just in case you needed to know. Please if any one has any info all help will be welcomed!
  4. To be honest it wasn't that good any way, but I hate the fact that I had it then it was gone! Thanks for the reply tho!
  5. Has any one got any ideas on how to get the blimp back on my phone? I entered the code on Xbox and had a short fly in it, then it was gone from the phone! Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. I need the online merger, cross-dimensional concept and long distance GT is soot soots
  7. Will swap if needed GT is soot soots
  8. Looking for help on Fable 3 if you can help?
  9. add me up mate my gt is soot soots

  10. I need to do coop Cheevs if you want? GT is soot soots

  11. how do I change my user name on here? I missed a space between soot and soots and I can't see where to amend this. Please help!

  12. does any one know how i can use my crimson maps on an xbox other than mine (reclaiming profile to friends box) it tells me i have no maps and have to pay again
  13. I need this chiev too so will add you on BOX soot soots

  14. any chanc of you adding me and doing the mp truth will out cheeves?

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