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  1. I'm just sick of cunts pulling out an RPG then shooting me at point blank range. At least GL's are two hits now, RPG's are just a one hit kill death machine. Seriously whenever I see a person INSTANTLY pull out an RPG when they spawn it's just like "really, you're gonna be THAT guy? *sigh*". They don't take any amount of skill to use really, you aim it at a guy and you shoot, if it dosen't hit them the explosion kills them. On a scale of rage inducing things: Dual FMG's Type 95 Assassin RPG's Grenade's doing shit all, every time Campers Walking behind a wall but still dying somehow.
  2. This problem is persistent. Every time I try to log into the EA servers in ME3, it just stays at the "communicating....Please Wait...." screen. The disc in the top left spins and all but it just doesn't ever connect. Is there some trick to connect to these servers, because i'd really like to play some multiplayer to up my readiness.
  3. Main: Juri/Poison Juri/Zangief Juri/Lily I also use the shoto's (who can't use the shoto's?)
  4. I think you mean XXXXX. A is jump.
  5. The reason people hate the second game was because of two reason's: - Dante became some quiet emo whereas in the first he was a funny guy. - The game was easy mode compared to DMC1. There was almost no challenge. Then DMC3 was so hard they had to re-release an easier version. That's badass at it's finest.
  6. Wow the community for this game is terrible. Within the first few posts there's already an argument about a meaningless topic. *Sigh* OT: I don't really like the game but i'll probably buy the characters and the SF character costume pack. The Tekken characters don't play too well (IMO) so there's no point gettig costumes for characters I may never use.
  7. BnB = Bread and Butter. It's one of the most common fighting game terms It basically means a go-to combo, easy to pull off and relatively damging. Most can be altered to suit your needs.
  8. Yep, that's fine. You didn't say you were doing it for beginner's (or maybe you did, and maybe I just missed it. If so, my apologies). In a way, I think it would be better to focus solely on how a character works and only include BnB's then. That would make for abetter tutorial than just combo's, which I thought you were doing. Should be good. Oh, don't do fatalities and endings. That will just waste time, it has nothing to do with learning a character and there's already a crapload of guide's out for both of those. EDIT: Seeing as how you only listed 4 character's you thought of doing, I can help you with others. I main Noob, Smoke, Kabal, Kano and can use Lao, Sub, Cyber Sub, Cyrax, Cage and Baraka relatively well.
  9. "Your number system......" You think me and Red Dragon suddenly made up this system? Want to know why the system is used? Because it is easy. You like your LK HP LK or whatever, that's fine, but typing 1 2 3 4 is faster, more convinient, more easily recognized, cross-compatible, user-friendly and logical based then your system. Seriously, stop trying to imply that your way is the only way to do things. You are the only one here who thinks this system is stupid. Fine, whatever. But don't say it's harder to remember or useless when you havn't even tried using it. I can safely say it's better, because I used to use the LP/HP system too. You often say that we are allowed to have opinion's and we are allowed to disagree with you. Yet as soon as we do, you come up with some argument that only YOU think is worthy AND you pass it off as fact. You need to learn opinion from fact. FACT.
  10. But none of us are trolling........ The only reason the majority thinks Destro is trolling but no one can actually believe the things he say's. It's amazing, really. Sometimes my jaw drops when I read some of the things he writes. It's quite baffling really. Fun, but baffling.
  11. If you are going to do tutorials, you need to do good one's. Not a standard pop up, combo, special move. For example, Sub's easiest combo you should do is: JIP 2 1 Ice Ball, NJP B1 2, 2 1 2 Slide. That should the BASIC combo. Anything easier than that should not be included. Every combo needs to deal better damage. Situational one's are fine. Incorporate Air Clone into EX Slide combo's. That's just for Sub. For Kabal, unless you plan on doing NDC combo's, don't make a tutorial. Kabal is all about NDC IN combo's for meter building. A basic combo with Kabal (reset) is. JIP B1 2 1, Spin, JK into iAF, NDC, 1, Dash 1, F4. That shit is hard to pull off, and it's a basic combo. If you were planning to do like B1 21, Spin, F3 2 Tornado Slam/Saw, don't. Those combo's are too basic. If you want to learn how to play the character then sure but if you want a good tutorial, you need to focus on the advanced. For Ermac, starter combo should be: JIP B1 1 4, Lift, JK into Teleport, Dash 22, Push. You need to be able to combo off EX Teleport's and B2 B1/F1 (I forget which). If you can focus on the advanced things, go for it. The people that still play MK are good at it. No one will use beginner tutorials for almost a year old game. So you need to cater to the good players who are looking for ways to maximize damage with little to no punish. Here are some things you could do with other characters: Jax - Overhead Slam > Ground Pound combo's, Wall 100% combo's, carrying to wall using Overhead Slam. Noob - Black hole reset combo's Smoke - F4/EX Smoke Bomb resets Kitana - EX Fan cancel D1 combo's Sonya - Military Stance combo's ONLY Reptile - EX Acid Elbow corner combp's, whiff Elbow Dash in NJP combo's If you can do that stuff, i'm willing to help out with providing combo's/tips to add to your vids. I don't have a recoring device myself so the best way I can help is just tell you things to add. Good luck.
  12. Fact: Versing better players makes you better.
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