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  1. Does anyone play this anymore? Trying to tackle the chaos squad achievements and stuck in matchmaking. Send me a message if interested. GT: Zhao86
  2. Does anyone still play this? Send me a message if anyone is interested in grabbing the Babel achievements in pairs. GT: Zhao86
  3. Does anyone still play this game and need the online achievements? There are two which require online play so send me a message if you're interested. GT: Zhao86
  4. Anyone still trying to get the People's Ovation achievement? Message me if interested. GT: Zhao86
  5. GT: Zhao86 Just looking for: Super Goo Mookite Pick Spark Plug Creepy Doll I can give all the relics away after achievement
  6. Looking to complete this one, haven't found any.. add me for xbox 360: Zhao86
  7. Anyone still trying to boost multiplayer achievements? Msg me: Zhao86
  8. Anyone still play this game and want to boost the achievements? Msg me: Zhao86
  9. Anyone still trying to attain online achievements? Msg me: Zhao86
  10. this frustrated me.. spent several hours trying to grab this to no avail. Used the two controller method but no dice until I used the second controller to start the game (the one with the level 1 character) and got it on the second try. Got it on level 1.2
  11. Online / co-op achievements, msg and add me: zhao86
  12. Anyone still play this game? Looking for all the online achievements, I don't have any DLC or a vision camera. Add me: Zhao86 and we can figure out a time that makes sense to run through the achievements.
  13. Drop me a msg if you'd like to try to grab the achievements on this. GT: Zhao86 I'm generally on during the day PT time and if I'm not just drop me a msg as I usually check xbox.com/live for messages as well.
  14. Message me if you're interested in playing Act 2 on insane. GT: Zhao86
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