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  1. No videos yet, but IG just dumped a text version of what they usually do http://www.ultra-combo.com/forums/index.php?topic=8810.0 http://www.ultra-combo.com/__temp2/images/photos/Cinder_HeroArt.jpg This week we’re going to focus on Cinder’s moveset; what is and is not coming back from his original repertoire, plus his new additions. KI1 cinder was a straightforward character. Here’s his old core moveset: Trailblazer (fireball dash) Fire Flash (flipping upper-kick) Inferno (Medium-range flame jet) Heat Fist (short-range flame palm) Heatsink (invisibility) Mirage (projectile immunity) So let’s just rip the bandage off here – the top 4 core moves are all back in some form. Heatsink and Mirage are not returning. Philosophically, Cinder isn’t a character about hiding or evading, he’s about burning aggression, and we didn’t feel that his character was served well in that regard by the last two moves. Invisibility is also a very touchy fighting game mechanic – it’s either useless or too good, and we didn’t believe Cinder needed that, especially with his new repertoire. Cinder’s moveset: Unique trait – Fired Up! The Fired Up state augments the next special attack Cinder uses with additional properties. Cinder automatically regains Fired Up State approximately 8 seconds (4 timer units) after it is consumed, no matter what is happening. Fired Up State burns automatically when you do your next special move. The only way to save it for later is to simply not perform any special moves. Cinder’s body glows brighter and hotter, and his head/shoulder flames burns more intensely when Fired Up is ready for use. Fire Flash (d,u+K) (damage ender) Yes, OF COURSE IT’S BACK! Just like you remember it. Light version is an invulnerable reversal attack. Medium and Heavy versions have improved range. Fired Up version shoots a lava pillar from the ground that juggles the opponent for a second hit, keeping them in the air, or keeping you relatively safe if you were blocked. Trailblazer (b,f+K) (Opener, Linker, Wall-splat ender) Now a command move (b,f+K) instead of dash, due to its larger role and having a shadow version. Button power controls initial angle (diagonally up, straight, diagonally down) Once you’ve done trailblazer once, holding in any direction and hitting any K will cause a second trailblazer to happen in that direction... yes, all 8 directions! Works in-air too, and you can attack on the way down after its over. If you’re Fired Up, you can do a 3rd trailblazer after your 2nd before you are forced to land. Tricky! Inferno (QCB+K) (linker, kick burnout ender) Medium-range jet of flame that causes a large amount of Potential Damage when blocked. Button power controls duration and advantage, as well as the amount of Potential Damage inflicted on block. Fired Up version has very long range. Shadow version sprays fire low to high and back again several times. Hits lots. Fission (QCB+P) (opener, linker, punch burnout ender) Replacement for Heat Fist. Cinder smashes two Pyrobombs (more on these later) together to blow them up in your face. LP version is a fake out, great to mix into his pressure. MP version combos from some attacks, and works as a frame trap from others, but is disadvantaged on block. HP version has long startup, but has huge advantage on hit and block. Shadow version causes a large 10 hit explosion. Ouch! Combo Trait: Burnout Enders You may have noticed that Inferno and Fission are designated kick/punch burnout enders – what’s up with that? Burnout enders set the opponent’s upper (punch) or lower (kick) body on fire, generating potential damage on the afflicted character for a limited amount of time, based on the ender level. If you use a Punch attack while suffering from Punch Burnout, you will fan the flames and reset the full duration of the burnout debuff. If you use a Kick attack while suffering from Kick Burnout, you will fan the flames and reset the full duration of the burnout debuff. Burnout enders deal very poor damage. If you fight an opponent who is making your life miserable with crouching medium kick, try a Kick Burnout ender to make them think twice about using the kick buttons. If you are suffering from Burnout and perform a combo breaker, your burnout will go away instantly. Instinct mode: Pyromania Cinder is permanently Fired Up. Deadly. And that's all... oh wait, not even close. The new stuff! Pyrobombs (b,f+P) (meter ender) Cinder throws small plasma bomb projectile at various arcs at the opponent. LP is low arc / long range, MP is mid arc / medium range, HP is high arc / short range. Useable in the air Pyrobombs are harmless, but are sticky and will attach to the opponent if they connect… even when blocking. Up to three Pyrobombs can be on the screen at one time. Throwing a fourth will cause all existing Pyrobombs to detonate immediately. Not so harmless anymore! Hitting Cinder causes all Pyrobombs in play to fizzle out harmlessly. Pyrobombs fizzle out harmlessly after about 7 seconds (~3.5 timer units) Fired Up version throws a larger Pyrobomb. Shadow version throws a much larger Pyrobomb. Pyrotechnics (3P) Cinder snaps his fingers, detonating all Pyrobombs in play. Usable in the air Explosion size is based on the type of Pyrobomb (Normal, Fired Up, or Shadow) You can block these explosions even if the Pyrobombs are attached to you. Bombs attached to an opponent will chain-react each other and launch the enemy (if not blocking). More bombs = higher launch = easier to pick up the juggle. Third Degree (Chain LP, MP, HP in any order) Cinder is a highly trained martial artist with a background in Kempo, CQC, and other military fighting systems. His body may look alien, but his fighting style is all human. Cinder’s Third Degree chain combos allow him to chain LPx3, or MPx3, or HPx3. Or you can mix and match these in any order up to three hits. The final hit of each combo has properties based on which button you used. LP ends with a cup check for excellent frame advantage MP ends with a spinning attack that steps forward, keeping Cinder close HP ends with a launcher that is jump cancelable Crossfire (d+HK, air only) Think of this as a reverse Fireflash that slams opponents down to the ground. Recaptures! Can cancel into this from an air normal, but it is not an overhead attack. Other notables D+HP is a big uppercut that is also a launcher and is jump-cancellable. Jumping HK is the fanciest crossup ever. Backdash (roll) covers good distance. And that’s that. Cinder is highly aggressive, tricky, and has some crazy juggles with bombs and trailblazer combos, especially if you reset to detonate attached bombs. Nasty! Look for updated info from us on a video stream sometime next week to show this all off. For now, have fun theorycrafting!
  2. Does putting gifs inside of spoiler tags help from slowing the page down or do they still load up anyway? I'll use gfycat links outside of the first gif for the time being Erm, any how MKX is upon us. Some copies are out there already HINT https://uk.webuy.com/product.php?sku=5051892175098 HINT TOPIC: Kung Lao's Shitty New X-Ray Here's video evidence of Kung Lao's new XRay being a massive liability. It begins with 3 flying kicks. Here's Kung Jin, blocking the first, getting hit by the second and the third (Which I'm pretty sure triggers full animation i.e. ALL OF THE DAMAGE) whiffs entirely. http://giant.gfycat.com/NippyFatFish.gif Slowed down to 20% so you can see the blocks/hits, really tiny because I messed up. Because the third kick needs to connect you can kiss the majority of juggles into XRay goodbye. http://gfycat.com/FaithfulBlindAsiaticwildass Here's the move whiffing entirely on Jacqui Briggs, who I think is doing one of her specials (I'm literally going left to right on the character screen, haven't played her yet). She's clearly not low profile. The 3 kicks are mids. http://gfycat.com/CapitalTatteredGelding Here's something from training mode against a crouch blocking opponent. If you start up right in their face, you'll go over their head and end up a relatively safe distance away (This is MK tho ), but if you try it from fullscreen you're left right in front of them. Uh oh. http://gfycat.com/RingedDangerousBoar The XRay has at least 2 hits of armour, so you can absorb some projectiles while travelling across the screen. I think for every projectile you absorb you travel slightly less distance tho? The move should typically hit at fullscreen, but it died off before reaching Erron Black who popped off two shots at me. This is similar to The Flash's Super from Injustice which would be full screen, but would travel slightly shorter distances for every projectile absorbed, so a Deathstroke could just safely fire off pistols to stop the Super from hitting. FUN STUFF: Lao has a double Overhead that's special cancellable (A real word, honest) Also he can combo Spin into itself 3 times in the corner. http://gfycat.com/WarmCoordinatedGermanpinscher If Lao's divekick hits really low on the opponent you can start off jab combos with it. http://gfycat.com/ImpishTidyGreatargus You can see how hard I'm mashing from the inputs [spoiler=1]I can't be bothered to sign up on PST for anyone asking
  3. I jumped right into the game before the update did it's thing, a few of the characters on the left and right of the screen were blacked out. Which is pretty weird for those that aren't connected right away Here's a screenshot I took:
  4. http://clatl.com/binary/1953/1367496144-golf-clap.gif
  5. From FINAL ROUND 18, so recent and played by people who know what they're doing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wozqUy18gA
  6. Release dates from Oz retailers http://i.imgur.com/YZoWFwZ.jpg?1
  7. Josie Rizal - Kickboxer from the Phillipines http://media.eventhubs.com/images/2015/03/19_tekken02.jpg She's a kickboxer and Bruce isn't already on the roster, so RIP Bruce maybe? Anyway, she's only been officially confirmed this week, but she was part of a leak a week or two ago that also had another new character (Or maybe it's a JACK skin, yeah? Harada plz) http://media.eventhubs.com/images/2015/03/19_tekken03.jpg Source: http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2015/mar/19/tekken-7-characters-leaked-jin-kazama-devil-jin-and-potentially-brand-new-fighter/ Only putting Josie in the OP for now.
  8. Hisako trailer / Cinder reveal They tried a similar "I'm out for revenge" thing like the Aganos trailer, but she doesn't have a clear nemesis like Kan-Ra and her offense is pretty run of the mill outside of her grabs. Not that it means she would be interesting to play with, but it's a bit visually unspectacular to grab the casuals for a trailer. Props for actually speaking Japanese and not English with a bad accent. New cinder immediate reaction: 2 thumbs up, I approve.
  9. Big buffs for big man Aganos and Thunder's Call Of Sky lightning move being replaced are the most drastic changes on here. Aganos mains incoming? Here's the archived stream until IG put up the youtube version. http://www.twitch.tv/irongalaxy/b/638972232 Here's the source for a nicer looking version with bullet points and everything. http://shoryuken.com/2015/03/20/retro-riptor-various-balance-changes-planned-for-killer-instincts-hisako-update/ System Changes Fixed an issue that allowed you to use a Counter Breaker after a manual all the way up until the manual was over, even well after the Breaker window had passed. Now, you can only use the Counter Breaker if your opponent is still in their Breaker window. This prevents a bug where you could do your Counter Breaker very late after a juggle hit and break the game’s physics for the rest of the match. The Natural Born achievement for reaching Killer tier is fixed. People that are currently in Killer will receive it after playing 1 match in Killer once they update to 2.5. Thunder Move Change: Call of Sky (Projectile Attack Move) has been removed from the game and replaced with Call of Sky (Dash Buff Move). The new Call of Sky strikes Thunder with a bolt of lightning, causing him to enter a charged state and crackle with electricity. His next dash will consume his charged state and be replaced with an Instinct dash (Murder of Crows), including all of its features. You can only hold one charge at a time, but hitting Thunder will not remove his charge. The charge will expire if unused after 8 seconds. The team felt that the old Call of Sky was not accomplishing the goal of forcing players to fight you at a bit less than full screen. We also felt that it was a bit too difficult to get in during certain matchups, and this new Call of Sky is a fun and versatile way to extend Thunder’s arsenal in the spirit of a grappler. Jago Increased the size of hitboxes on the Tiger’s Fury Enders so they won’t ever miss crouching opponents. Glacius Cold Shoulder attack box goes deeper into Glacius’ body. Light version becomes active 2 frames earlier. Medium version becomes active 3 frames earlier. Heavy version becomes active 4 frames earlier. This change should help with being able to wipe out Kan-Ra’s swarms using Cold Shoulder as intended. Frame advantage increased on Cold Shoulder to match earlier startup noted above. When close, advantage is the same as before. Better than before advantage is possible now when hitting late. Fixed a bug causing his Puddle Punch Enders to drop when cursed by Kan-Ra. Made his grab attack box taller so that characters couldn’t sneak under it in unintended ways. Orchid F+HK is now immune to throws from frame 9 until 39. Orchid can now cancel Ich Ni San into Shadow moves on block. Shadow Uppercat is no longer counted as in-air until frame 2. This should increase the priority of its first hit. Fixed a bug that got introduced in the Aganos update that caused Orchid’s Ultra Ender to cause an air wall splat instead of the expected ground wall splat. Fulgore Fulgore’s Heavy Eye Laser now travels a reduced distance. Light and Medium Eye Beams when used as Manuals are now breakable. You can now cancel Devastation Beam into Instinct Activation. TJ Combo Performed a full cancel window pass on Auto Doubles, Linkers, and Shadow Linkers to make responsiveness and feel more similar to Season 1. Tremor’s Shockwave doesn’t come out behind TJ anymore. Knee attacks have more recovery, but inflict more blockstun. Frame disadvantage will be similar on block. Spin Fist is now 0 on block, instead of +1. When used as part of a combo after a Wall Splat, Shoot Toss damage has been greatly reduced. Maya Performed a full cancel window pass on Auto Doubles, Linkers, and Shadow Linkers to make responsiveness and feel more similar to Season 1. Fixed a bug that allowed Maya to use forward dash into HK before the round begins. Kan-Ra Performed a full cancel window pass on Auto Doubles, Linkers, and Shadow Linkers to make responsiveness and feel more similar to Season 1. Recovery after Sacrifice is now longer, and the attack box size of the explosion has been reduced. Characters who read this with a jump back won’t be hit as easily and should have enough time for a punish in most situations now. Kan-Ra will not be able to replace his Sand Trap for free on hit anymore, either. The startup portion of Swarm is now a projectile instead of a physical hit, so you can projectile invulnerable through it as expected. Standing Heavy Kick (Sand Spray) and Crouching Heavy Kick (Anti Air Sand Upheaval) are no longer counted as physical hits, and are now projectiles so that you can use projectile invulnerable attacks to go through them as expected. All HK “Sand” Buttons are now considered Special moves. Linker Shadow Swarm can now manual into Heavy buttons. Jumping Heavy Kick (Dune) is now breakable. Fixed a bug causing Kan-Ra’s backdash to not have invulnerability. Also realigned his Head vulnerable box on his forward dash. Fixed a bug that caused whiffing a c.HK (Sand Upheaval) to turn any knockdown into a hard knockdown. Fixed a bug that let Kan-Ra cancel Shadow Linkers into another Linker. Riptor Performed a full cancel window pass on Auto Doubles, Linkers, and Shadow Linkers to make responsiveness and feel more similar to Season 1. Fixed a bug causing Riptor to recover from Throw attempts 7 frames faster than the rest of the cast. Fixed a bug causing Shoulder Charge Enders (Lv2, 3, and 4) to deal more damage than intended. Fixed a bug that caused Talon Rake, Flame Carpet, Flame Arc, and Flame Wall to remove Aganos’ Chunks on block. Fixed a bug that caused an unbreakable Opener->Ender situation after Predator MK Tail Stings. Aganos Natural Disaster Hop now hits overhead on the way down only. Natural Disaster Hop causes a hard knockdown on airborne opponents so they cannot quick rise to punish this on hit. Close Standing MP now hits overhead. Shadow Natural Disaster is much lower profile on startup and while being held. It is also projectile immune on startup and while held, but not while moving forward. Shadow Natural Disaster’s final hit can recapture airborne opponents. It has a larger auto double cancel window as a result, and a shorter manual cancel window (though a heavy manual is still possible.) New Command Normal – Back + LP anti air flick. Still has flick’s projectile destroying properties. All LP buttons have larger projectile destroy boxes. Ender damage tweaked. Pulverize and Natural Disaster Enders hit a bit harder. Low level Payload Enders do a bit less. Fixed a bug that allowed you to Instinct Cancel Shadow Ruin on hit. Also fixed a bug preventing you from using an Instinct Cancel on block. Fixed a bug that caused manuals to change speeds depending on Chunks, leading to inconsistent linker to manual rules depending on chunk load. Fixed a bug that caused Walls to not take damage on Aganos’ knockdown if that knockdown killed him in some situations. Fixed a bug preventing Light Natural Disaster Linker from working after some Manuals. Fixed a bug prevented specials from coming out using the Heavy Punch button during the Light>Medium Peacemaker chain combo. Fixed a bug that caused a Heavy Kick to sometimes come out after activating Instinct. Fixed a bug that caused Level 4 Pulverize Ender to whiff if you used a Heavy Kick Auto Double before it. Fixed a bug that prevented the Peacemaker from breaking when Aganos attempts a Counter Breaker. Fixed a bug preventing Peacemaker from breaking when you start Shadow Natural Disaster. Fixed a bug that caused Wall Crashes to play during Hitstop, making those moves unbreakable instantly. Fixed a bug that could cause Natural Disaster to roll the wrong way after whiffing a Ruin. The size of Aganos’ Yellow character collision box is reduced after frame 6 of recovery from a blocked Ruin. This was preventing certain moves from punishing the recovery. Fixed a bug that prevented the KV penalty on multiple recaptures after an Ultra from triggering. Fixed a bug that caused the Level 2 version of Pulverize Enders to whiff after HK Auto Doubles.
  10. Here's how you do it. [spoiler=2]Git gud scrub.
  11. The Kombat Pack characters are: Tremor Tanya Jason Predator The costume packs that the KP includes also confirm Lui Kang and Jax Briggs. Weird how they didn't show Jacqui Briggs in the most recent stream even though they showed off Takeda and Kung Jin in detail. If it wasn't for this list (Which I have no reason to question at this point) I'd have thought she'd be some unplayable character that dies early in the story.
  12. RIP Perro Aguayo Jr. [spoiler=1]Or Why Rey Mysterio Going Back To Mexico With His Mask Cursed Everybody "Everything was going well for AAA before Rey came back, just in the past week alone >Champ gets injured >Big PPV gets delayed twice >bus crash with one person dying >el hijo del perro aguayo dying in the ring" Here's a match against against Myzteziz (The former Sin Cara) from just this past February so you can see what we've lost. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ9Wwq-d34U There's also a video of 'the incident' online if you're into that...
  13. Dropping Fools - Reach a 10 complete game win streak in Ranked 1v1 matches Hmmm, interesting that they'd specify "1v1" there. Not like there's KOTH Ranked or anything. Typically. Straight Power - Perform 100 Fatalities in matches BOOOOOOO. BOOOOOOOOO. BOOOOOO. More like FARTalities amirite, etc. Trolling - Duck 30 times during Fatality sequence ...because I could be doing this instead. Hopefully this is cumulative, so that I can maintain my reputation as a gentleman. "Invasion boss fights", "Invasion towers" Wha? Nice to see Test Your Luck back too. Underrated modes are underrated.
  14. http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2015/mar/16/mortal-kombat-x-screen-shots-erron-black-baraka-shinnok-goro-and-jax/ Here's some screenshots from Event Hubs. They look more like possible bullshots die to the lack of HUD, but whatever. The first shot is Erron Black blowing Cassie Cage's head off and I doubt they put it out there if it was a story spoiler. But as mentioned above, it doesn't necessarily mean EB (and the others yet to be confirmed) are playable, they could just be story novelties. Baraka is a prime candidate for such a thing, since there's a massive army of guys that look just like him and so far the MK9 story I've played treat him like the jobber anyway.
  15. http://shoryuken.com/2015/03/14/mortal-kombat-x-will-not-allow-cross-region-netplay/ NRS still behind the curve. In b4 a poster is unaware of region filters in other fighters.
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