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  1. So im working on this medal, and im on the 3rd part, which is: IN A LIFE, GET 5 KILLS WITH EXPLOSIVES. I have been trying complete this medal all week. I honestly cant figure out a good tactic / technique to complete this. I find myself only getting like 3 kills per life, cause I end up running out of grenades / dynamite, and then I end dying while trying to find an ammo crate. Has anyone had any success or have a good technique to complete this?
  2. complete and utter bull$h!t!!!!!!! This game has been out for months and this is still an issue! The worst part is I digitally D/L the game so I cant return the damn thing. I cant play in offline mode b/c my gamertag is considered "home" on my brother in laws xbox ( so we can share games ). Did I seriously buy a game that I cant play!? Anyone have any ideas?
  3. BUMP! So I just bought this game since it is on sale right now. I cant even start a game!!!!! Every time the main menu loads, the game freezes and crashes!!! WTF! I must say I am pretty mad right now. I am reinstalling it as i type. I will attempt to play the game in offline mode and see if that works, but this is completely unacceptable!
  4. oozero

    Map glitched

    yea I ended up just uninstalling the game and reinstalling it... havent played it yet but I will let you guys know how it goes.
  5. Just booted it up today to play the new expansion. My map wont work! When I select it, my character will do the arm animation and I can hear the map activation audio, but the map itself does not display. I even tried going to the menus and clicking the map from there, and it will display if for like 1/2 a sec then just disappear. I restarted the game 3 times and still the same thing happens. Anyone else getting this issue yet?
  6. Hey guys, a few friends and I have been trying to farm for a good marksman rifle, obviously with the balanced perk. The only thing is, none of us really know if its a good marksman rifle when they do drop. With marksman rifles, I know there are pretty much 2 different types: low damage and a higher magazine ( usually semi auto ) high damage and a lower magazine ( bolt action ) The thing I am curious about it is, does anyone have any information on what is considered a good roll for damage on each type of rifle? Should I be looking at damage over DPS? I currently have a classic M1A that does 30.1k DMG and like 95K DPS all modded out. I dont even know if thats a good or bad! I just shared a first wave M1A to my buddy that has 34.1K DMG ( I think ) because i didnt like the perks, but I have no idea if that was considered a high roll. Any information would be much appreciated, thank you
  7. So they made it to where you have to beat the incursion in order to create a gear set of 4? Is that correct?
  8. looking to boost hero hunt and trying to complete the missions on master. I will be on at 1030am ( eastern ) for a few hours. GT : OOZ3R0
  9. Hey guys so this is something I am a bit concerned about. The darkness zone is where the true PvP is supposed to happen. Is that going to be the only PvP section of the game? No Team Death Match? CTF? ETC..... Sure running in there, finding loot, and trying to extract with the ever looming threat of another player just running up start attacking is highly entertaining, but I could just see it getting old really fast. I also have been noticing players just camping the entrances to darkness zones, and killing players as they enter. I think like a high value target, VIP extraction, or maybe even a "hide and seek" game mode would work really well in the open world darkness zone setting. Anyone agree or disagree?
  10. I kind of like what they are doing. IMO, the game at launch was pretty well put together, sure somethings were missing, but I do like that slowly they are releasing new content, pretty quickly too at that. I would rather them trickle out things here and there, instead of giving us a bunch of stuff at launch, then having to wait 6 months before the first release of something. As far as the req packs, do we know if they are going to be gold packs?
  11. Hey guys im trying to figure out how to wear just normal clothes under a set of combat armor. Right now my guy has combat chest,arms, and legs, but he doesnt wear a shirt or pants. All he has is a pair of boxers on underneath! its actually kind of funny. Every time i got to put on something underneath it takes everything off. How do I layer clothes?
  12. I like the game, but I am not in love with the game. The cinematics are amazing, but the plot itself is so-so ( havent finished yet, on mission 8 I think, so my opinion may change ). Warzone is what I have played about 95% so far. Where is KotH, zombies, oddball, team snipers, doubles, all those awesome halo MP playlist? Is there any plans to bring those in? Those were the things I was expecting at launch, not just 5 MP game modes.
  13. Yea it definitely gave people a huge advantage off the bat! Some of my friends got the BR or DMR off of their first req pack, where as it took me 3 gold packs to finally get the BR. I am starting to get sniped more and more now, and the frustrating part is, I cant snipe back because I have not unlocked the sniper yet!!!
  14. was playing co op campaign with a friend, and when I would go down, the AI was there healing me before my teammate could, so no complaints there. The only thing I really dislike is the fact that you have to be rewarded the BR or even DMR with the requosition (?) and then in the game get to level 3 just to use it. Its like it takes a random reward to be given the chance to get it, then you have to do well enough in PvP to earn it. Not really anything game breaking, but I guess I am not just used to it yet.
  15. beat the hard raid last night. Did the delayed ogre kill method, took us about 5 tries to get into the swing of things. The only hard part is when everyone jumps from their totems, to the middle ones, there was 2 ogres shooting at you, but once u get past them, its smooth sailing. Pretty upset at my loot drop. I got a 305 hand cannon that I infused instantly. I got the sniper rifle at 314 and new gloves at 314. My titan is still below 310!! lol.... My ghost is only 294
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