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  1. Happy for u mate... As with all the other unfixed glitches .. I now have this Fkn glitch too.. Never make it to the farm..
  2. Well... Like blaze said wasn't really a patch but it did do something for me.... I moved to 99% after doing case 6 for the billionth time... My blueprints still read wrong at the end of a case and now the mp B prints are reading one off all of a sudden too.. According to the game save n statistics But if I start an mp game all my shit reads correctly in statistics for once... Still don't have innovator tho...so of course figured ok beat case 6 again.. Stats are all good right? It screwed them up Again.. Gonna try a fresh new game while stats are right n see what happens
  3. Was my last as well until yesterday... I used case 2.. Went back into the mall instead of advancing and into the Amazonian food court .. If you go to the food kiosks one has military and up from it has survivors kill some zombies have one of the groups follow .. And snap away .. Have to restart case tho if fails
  4. I don't know what the update did...on story I have been stuck at 98% I replayed case 6 now it's 99% Afterr Playin that I was starting a new game and by start of case zero kicjed to the store with error message then the. Box reset ... So u truly dunno what they did.. The 99% made me hopeful as I have replayed case 6 a few times and did playthrus to be stuck still at 98% flippin' frustrated
  5. Awesome ty for the update ..husband trying it now
  6. Help the cause and go to the cap on link just blaze provided to be an added voice and maybe this $89 broken game can be fixed...
  7. Fkn hell sry.. Hope everyone is complaining so maybe it will be fixed how come they can't release a game that isn't riddled with bugs? And it doesn't look near a smooth 1080p it's got tears everywhere .. It kicks you randomly out ur games and I think that's when it screws up.. Dunno.. FRUstrated ...
  8. I have 2 story trials left and 3 mp gold blue prints to get and I'm Done with the game and will need a fresh start just to run thru for the blue prints
  9. Yes ... Have hard reset .. Signed out profile .. Lost my game save actually for that .. It corrupted for some reason and my husband has the same issue on his console .. 54/55 when it says clearly 55/55
  10. Innovator will not unlock... I have collected all 55 blueprints... Even have the trial complete for master whatever... It clearly states 55.. But at the end of each case still says 54 and in statistics 54 .. Wtf?!? I counted them .. I have none on map.. Even went with a video guide .. Replayed cases.. I have only 3 trials left period at the minute .. This is second game I have had to create BECUZ of glitches.. nkw looks like so need a third just for the freakn achieve for blue prints!
  11. Hey if u find anything let me know cuz I'm stuck on a few of these pics
  12. Damn .. I dunno.. I know on that path you want to be standing right before you come to the first sail .. And you should drop straight down .. And it should pop..
  13. Hey.. My husband gt: Shane McConnell found that if u jump off the railing above the ship.. can be gotten to by going up the lighthouse and to about midway which is higher than the pirate ship and when you look down you can see ground well below the ship... You jump off it will work.. His health was 1000 it put him 495... I did it too first try and it worked.. Can post pic if need be..
  14. Need 2 people to play challenging.. Striker and a sentry needed Msg lckydevilz ty
  15. Hey guys... I need 3 players for the challenging level of difficulty.. Looking for you to be 200+ gear level and know what your doing... If you didn't know you must have completed hard mode first... I am a sentry so a striker would be an awesome help to add extra armor damage and a tactician so u can keep popping ur skills.. My gamertag is LckyDevilz on xb1... Msg if you would like to get it done..
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