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  1. Finally after all these years ive picked up san andreas. I hope it still holds up
  2. Still mainly use the 360. A lot of the xbox one games are just remasters. I used to use the snap function heavily on the one whilst i play. There are many 'improvements' that have been made to the one that in my opinion are a backwards step
  3. Its pretty bad. Hour of victory is a visual delight in comparison
  4. Its a known glitch if you played co op first. Whilst i dont have an idea how to fix it. To avoid it play through in single player first to the point where there are three snipers above you. Kill these within the time limit and get the achievement. It takes a few minutes, after that your hood to go and do your co op run
  5. Dont waste your time if you are doing the japanese version. This achievement is broken and not obtainable.
  6. One online achievement for winning a video referee decision. There is also one unobtainable for winning the league
  7. No it doesn't. Infact the pc version is broken in a good way and the 300 games unlocks early after playing a few online matches
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