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  1. Not noticed that but it seems to be crashing a lot when i try looking at check list
  2. I've managed to pick up the 7,500 package a few times only because it's the quickest one to get and has sticky bombs, body armour and health near it ... Would like to collect all the packages once with each character but don't think that will happen ... So now as soon as I start the game I go after a hidden package with whoever I'm playing as
  3. I've never been busted, but then again I've never tried to get busted prefer to die in a hail of bullets lol ... Always try and shoot my way out of trouble and escape, but I think the LSPD are a bunch of gun running psycho's who shot first and might ask questions later
  4. I know they fixed the glitch never used it myself ... But it's really annoying I've started a new sp game and I can only collect one hidden package at a time ... If I want to collect another have to re-start my xbox and there is no hidden package if you use the free scuba gear .... But did find if you leave it for about 10 in game days you can use another character to collect the package someone else collected (found that out by mistake looking for ammo)
  5. Trevor I never get bored with him don't think I've ever played another character like him ..... I replay the first mission we meet him just for that bit where he talking to Johnny on his boot lol Then Franklin and Michael
  6. I find Processed and Railway the easiest unless on Railway the cops think out the box and come over the roof at you lol .... Sawmill was fun but as your a long way away from armour and health can be abit of a nightmare if your low on snacks .... Cover Combat MG one dead chopper useless with a RPG as well lol
  7. Join the club I've gave up online for awhile gone back to SP and hope its gets sorted by the time I finish that .... Even sent a message to R* support and after a couple weeks was asked to rate there support .... Sort the damn problem out ... To those that say you still see crates invite me to the sessions even if it's to just see them lol
  8. Only posted as choppers always turned up on waves 4-7 and 10 and had back up positions to run to for chopper attacks if I was not already in place choppers had a problem getting to me .... Just wanted to know if it was just being lucky after all the updates. At last after a good few hours completed solo sawmill map :dance:
  9. Anyone else noticed that the helicopter does not turn up on wave 7 survival .... You get the message kill last enemy but there nothing to kill and have to wait about 30-45 seconds for the round to end .... Happened on Sawmill, Sandy, Processed, Railway maps
  10. There is another glitch unless it's been patch .... It needs 2 people and a bike and a mic helps .... Found this on x360a
  11. DM Last Team Standing Wins normally 3 teams normally by the crew your in many a time I'm on my own lol
  12. Like how the new update notes say crates will drop in new locations and mini gun in normal crates now ..... Just wish I could see a notification of a crate inbound (think I got more chance of finding gold at the end of a rainbow) not seen a crate for just over a week in public sessions and the last invite only crate I saw was 5 WEEKS AGO !!!!!!!!! Tried doing loads of missions esp for Ron and Trevor,and contacting merryweather for ammo drops to try to trigger them .... Now moved onto survival mode to get them all to lvl 10 to see if that triggers them .... Just wish there was a stat for how many gang attacks you have beat as I've heard there are about 52 maybe more .... Sure I must of attacked over 40
  13. Like I said send a txt message first !!!
  14. I only go in public lobbies waiting for crate drops and I camp out in the middle of no where on some hill away from roads minding my own business doing burn outs and running around to pass the time while on my little part of the world .... Then get messages that I'm a jerk coz I killed them, sorry but I'm in the middle of no where if your coming at me in some car/bike at speed what you think I'm going to do kill you blow your transport up and kill you again ... Esp when I'm the only over lvl 100+ on the lobby I could be a real jerk and pass my time killing anyone over and over again just for fun (unless you own a TANK) and you really think you can steal my car .... If you want to have fun txt me !!!!
  15. I've noticed in the last 2 days they stopped in public lobbies .... Given up ever seeing them in "invite only lobbies" .... I've camped out in the middle of Trevor land up in the hills for anywhere from 15-50 mins and not seen a notification of a crate drop in public lobbies
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