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  1. I'll take those if they're not spoken for. Also, I just logged on and got your presents -- dude, you fuckin' rule. Thank you so much! PLEASE let me know if there is anything I can do to repay your generosity!
  2. Edit: List updated 6/13 to reflect the never ending generosity of institutions! Afternoon, gentlemen! I'm on the hunt for some things, touch trade is fine (I pick it up and give it back so it's in my inventory), except where DIY is concerned, of course. I doubt that anybody wants to part with the ones listed from Gulliver, but, I figured I would ask. If you can help, lemme know, and if you need something, I'm happy to help as well! I'm on and off of Nookazon today, so if you're looking for something and can help me, I can do that footwork for you, just saves us both time. Thanks! -Acoustic Guitar (DIY) -Billiard Table (Blue & Brown) -Box Corner Sofa (White) -DJ's Turntable (Black and/or Black and Purple) -Fire Pit -Frozen Arch (DIY) -Simple Panel (Dark Wood) -Space Shuttle (Gulliver) -Statue of Liberty (Gulliver)
  3. It’s that same palm tree lamp, but I’ve seen it in pink and blue also. No idea how to get those.
  4. I am, the color variants. I have the green one, always after pink stuff. I love the diner sign, by the way, thanks again. That Twin Peaks room is sweet, I actually considered making one myself.
  5. Yeah, that's the only room I've worked on much. I'm trying to accrue items before I start the rest, just been terraforming for the last several days.
  6. Thank you! I wanted to show you my upstairs room so you know what I've been working towards with all of the arcade games.
  7. Thanks again, I'll be sending those back to you in just a minute. I'm on all night tonight, so if you feel like it, you can swing by my island later.
  8. Sweet! I'll send them all back to you. Thank you very much. Let me know if you need anything!
  9. You know what? I just looked it up. I actually wanted the trees themselves, but now I see that other trees just turn into them seasonally. Do you still have floor lights you could share with me? I have red and purple, but I'm looking for other colors. Also, pinball machines. I think I just need to add them to my inventory and I'll give them back. Anybody looking for anything that I may be able to help with?
  10. Does anybody have two cherry blossom trees they would be willing to part with?
  11. Yeah, it's in the realm of what I'm looking for. And, thank you, I do have the foosball table. Sweet, I just sent you a friend request.
  12. Institutions has been so damn generous to me at this point, that I’m starting to feel like a schmuck. Just know that based on his generosity, that I’m available to any and all of you in any possible way that I can lend a hand! I’m going to make a Notes list on my phone for items you all list, I’ll check it daily!
  13. Hello boys, I’m on the hunt for 80’s/Synthwave inspired items for my house. Pinball machines are at the top of my list, but also arcade cabinets, neon palm trees, pink boom boxes, drum machines, keyboards, saxophone, Ouija boards (if they exist) etc. I’m also after that Cityscape wallpaper, if anyone has one and doesn’t want it for some crazy reason, haha. Lemme know if you have anything like this and I can add it to my purchasable stuff. Also, if anyone is looking for items, let me know and I’ll keep an eye out! Thanks!
  14. Haha, I totally got it, such a fitting gift for the times. I ran back and put on my doctor's mask after you gave it to me. I hope you noticed. I should have had it on the whole time with all of these visitors. Thanks, guys, and glad to help. I'll check in here more frequently if I see good prices again.
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