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  1. I'll take those if they're not spoken for. Also, I just logged on and got your presents -- dude, you fuckin' rule. Thank you so much! PLEASE let me know if there is anything I can do to repay your generosity!
  2. Edit: List updated 6/13 to reflect the never ending generosity of institutions! Afternoon, gentlemen! I'm on the hunt for some things, touch trade is fine (I pick it up and give it back so it's in my inventory), except where DIY is concerned, of course. I doubt that anybody wants to part with the ones listed from Gulliver, but, I figured I would ask. If you can help, lemme know, and if you need something, I'm happy to help as well! I'm on and off of Nookazon today, so if you're looking for something and can help me, I can do that footwork for you, just saves us both time. Thanks! -Acoustic Guitar (DIY) -Billiard Table (Blue & Brown) -Box Corner Sofa (White) -DJ's Turntable (Black and/or Black and Purple) -Fire Pit -Frozen Arch (DIY) -Simple Panel (Dark Wood) -Space Shuttle (Gulliver) -Statue of Liberty (Gulliver)
  3. It’s that same palm tree lamp, but I’ve seen it in pink and blue also. No idea how to get those.
  4. I am, the color variants. I have the green one, always after pink stuff. I love the diner sign, by the way, thanks again. That Twin Peaks room is sweet, I actually considered making one myself.
  5. Yeah, that's the only room I've worked on much. I'm trying to accrue items before I start the rest, just been terraforming for the last several days.
  6. Thank you! I wanted to show you my upstairs room so you know what I've been working towards with all of the arcade games.
  7. Thanks again, I'll be sending those back to you in just a minute. I'm on all night tonight, so if you feel like it, you can swing by my island later.
  8. Sweet! I'll send them all back to you. Thank you very much. Let me know if you need anything!
  9. You know what? I just looked it up. I actually wanted the trees themselves, but now I see that other trees just turn into them seasonally. Do you still have floor lights you could share with me? I have red and purple, but I'm looking for other colors. Also, pinball machines. I think I just need to add them to my inventory and I'll give them back. Anybody looking for anything that I may be able to help with?
  10. Does anybody have two cherry blossom trees they would be willing to part with?
  11. Yeah, it's in the realm of what I'm looking for. And, thank you, I do have the foosball table. Sweet, I just sent you a friend request.
  12. Institutions has been so damn generous to me at this point, that I’m starting to feel like a schmuck. Just know that based on his generosity, that I’m available to any and all of you in any possible way that I can lend a hand! I’m going to make a Notes list on my phone for items you all list, I’ll check it daily!
  13. Hello boys, I’m on the hunt for 80’s/Synthwave inspired items for my house. Pinball machines are at the top of my list, but also arcade cabinets, neon palm trees, pink boom boxes, drum machines, keyboards, saxophone, Ouija boards (if they exist) etc. I’m also after that Cityscape wallpaper, if anyone has one and doesn’t want it for some crazy reason, haha. Lemme know if you have anything like this and I can add it to my purchasable stuff. Also, if anyone is looking for items, let me know and I’ll keep an eye out! Thanks!
  14. Haha, I totally got it, such a fitting gift for the times. I ran back and put on my doctor's mask after you gave it to me. I hope you noticed. I should have had it on the whole time with all of these visitors. Thanks, guys, and glad to help. I'll check in here more frequently if I see good prices again.
  15. Sorry, don't know who's who right now. Awesome, thanks! I had the tools, but much appreciated! Ooh, and someone gave me some kind of wand.
  16. Don't feel bad, my girl and I both needed them, so we're happy. Inst gave me cherries, so I have all of the fruits now. Thanks guys!
  17. Absolutely, happy to help. Sami gave me pears, so I'm good on those. I'll leave that code up for now. I'll be on for awhile, but I might take a break in a bit. Just PM me on here and I'll check back frequently to make sure anyone who wants to sell can do it today, no worries! Okay, good to know. I'm EST time, so it's 9:14 AM right now. Come on by, code is up. No need for payment! But if anyone wants to drop helpful items a new player might not know about, feel free!
  18. Of course, just tell me how to get you over here, haha.
  19. Hello, all! I didn't think my return to XBA would be Nintendo related, but here I am! I'm fairly new to the game, but having a blast playing with my girlfriend. I'm not quite far enough to be in the turnip business myself yet, but they're fetching 436 Bells on my island today if that can help anybody. I'm not sure what a good price is yet, but if that's good, let me know, I'm home all day. If anyone has cherry or pear trees (or fruit) they could share, let me know.
  20. I have a question for you guys... Does anyone here do game sharing on the Xbox with a friend of theirs? My buddy and I game share on the PlayStation 4. Basically, his account is signed in on my console as his main, and mine is the same on his. We split the cost of games and are both able to play everything. Does this work on Xbox the same way? When I had an Xbox One, I added him to my "family" on there (I don't remember exactly what the feature was called). Thanks! Edit: Also, is Gold/Game Pass shareable?
  21. heres my e3 review i give the microsoft concert 3 stars then they showed cybercop 77 and it went to a 5 then duke caboom came out and it went back to 3. dont get me wrong i like the duke but cybercop doesnt need a guest star it can stand on its own. i like him better as the animal rights activist in the johnny mnemonic trilogy and endless summer with jake busey. battletoads looks sweet just like the old one good to see newgrounds back at the helm after all these years. i hope its still hard as balls so when i rage smash my 179.99 elite paddle i can pass away from double buyers remorse. gears 5 doesnt even need to be called of war anymore theyre just getting right to the sex. ori steals the show with whimsy. microsoft tells more azure cloud riddles like its still 2013 everyone is confused but confident. don mattrick returns and triples down on kinect and if you dont like it we have another console that has it too called the xbox 360. punxsutawney drops the mic by announcing the release date and 599.99 price point for project johansson and the internet doesnt even react because that kaz hirai meme already exists. sony playstation facetimed wired back in april and said that you can play old games on the ps5 and that was enough were skipping e3 and hanging onto the frequent flyer miles. nobody wants to see anymore last of us videos so were staying home for backlog year. knack 3 wins game of show by default. deep down announced as a ps6 launch title then is immediately delayed indefinitely. 5/5 just when you thought that all integrity had been siphoned out of the industry a beacon of light shined down and tad howard came onstage. he spoke about how well received fallout online was and then gave single player rpg fans what theyve been begging for banana royal mod for fallout 77 the crowd goes wild. he took it to the moon and received a standing o when he announced 62 new mobile card games 61 of which you can play right now. the drunkest guy in the room breaks both of his wrists from clapping so hard not a dry eye in the house. they showed doom but nobody was awake to see it. i found out the next day on twitter the collectibles edition comes with that halo 3 helmet. 6/5 e3 kicked off ea with a tech demo for the force unleashed which will look even better when it releases in 2008. to everyones surprise and dismay they didnt even mention foot ball this year. 5/5 ubisoft took the stage and shocked everyone by swearing as many times as fucking possible. 5/5 square enix reminds the people of earth that theyre still out of their minds and nobody is even sure which game is which anymore including them but theres a bunch of stuff that looks like final fantasy and its all coming out eventually probably the same day. we all hit the pipe with them and just sort of move on a little lighter in the pocket book but content. they still refuse to put octopath traveler on playstation or xbox so i can play it but its coming to steam and snes. 2.8hdremixfinalscore/5 in a prerecorded video from the last treehouse in qatar bowser announces that every character from a video game ever is now playable in smash but that it wont be coming to the west. 5/5 tldr this was the best e3 of 2019 the only question is do i wanna play cyber bully on outdated hardware in the spring or wait until theres a box that can run crisis under the tree.
  22. Damn. I'm tempted to pour a drink and rewrite that whole thing. Still pretty happy with that graphics work for the games though. Good times. Edit: I don't even remember why you and I trolled that Borderlands 2 forum so hard Jack, that game was brilliant. Should definitely be on my list.
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