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  1. I feel like a complete idiot... But I've gone into my settings, and I get options to turn the guide, subtitles, guide sounds on and off. But I don't see the setting for turning the arcade cabinet on? Anyone else having this issue? EDIT: Yeah, I am an idiot. It must be done while IN A GAME. You cannot do it via the menu settings before you start the game. Hope this helps anyone else feeling like a total chode
  2. v_thorne

    Kinect Zoom

    I'm gonna try out what that one guy above me said about setting up the calibration before attaching the zoom... I just got the zoom today and I've noticed that my right hand really glitches out. It looks like my avatar has severe tourettes. When playing Haunt I have to hold the flashlight in my left hand and not my right or it goes all over the place. I figured out that since the lens takes in more area space, it's recognizing my black night stand. I threw a pair of pants over the night stand and it seemed to mostly fix the issue. All in all, it does give more room to play. At least another foot, foot and a half. I have about five feet of play space and with the zoom I can stand in the middle of the area and not have to keep banging my calves up against my bed while playing. But I too am having various tracking issues. If you have mostly black furniture, it's going to be harder. My floors are also tile, so they reflect the lighting which also causes issues.
  3. I just recently got mine, I have around five feet of space to work with and it works really well given the circumstances. Today I purchased the zoom lens and it does give me quite a bit of extra space, enough to make the play comfortable so I'm not smashing my calves up against my bed. However, if you have all black furniture it may not work so hot. My black nightstand has been making my right arm wonk out during game play. I ended up just putting my pants over it
  4. I just recently picked up my Kinect at a used shop and am enjoying it for the most part. I have only about 5 feet of space, so today I went out to grab the Zoom Lens from Nyklon and I gotta say, it's pissing me off. It's mostly because it makes my right arm wonk out, but I figured out that since it takes in more space due to the fish eye lens it's glitching out because of my black night stand... which is where my right arm hovers over. Haunt is really fun, I just wish they'd make more Kinect games.
  5. I too am in the same boat. Gamertag: Verkolac Thorne Send a message with your friend invite so I know what game it is for/where you're coming from. I don't accept FR's without messages.
  6. I played this game on the Sega Genesis back in the day, and as far as I've noticed the audio for Streets of Rage 1 is fine. The boss music is the same as it was on the console port.
  7. Hey guys, I was going to post this in the DMC2 specific sub-forum but it seems pretty dead in there and was hoping for more luck out here. There is only one thread in there that slightly resembles this one, but I'm not sure if he got his Bloody Palace or Trish mode unlocked. So! I beat DMC2 with Dante on Normal mode and the only things that unlocked were the mission and outfit selection screens. I read in the guide that beating normal mode unlocked hard mode, Trish and The Bloody Palace. Am I missing something, or is my game glitched? Do I need to beat the game also with Lucia? EDIT: Just beat the game with Lucia. For those stuck with the same problem, you need to beat the game with both Lucia and Dante to unlock Hard Mode and The Bloody Palace.
  8. I'm having this same problem. I also don't have The Bloody Palace unlocked either. The only thing that beating the game with Dante on Normal gave me was the mission and outfit select screens. I was going to try beating the game with Lucia next, but as I was wandering around collecting orbs in the first mission I accidentally jumped off the side of the pathway, fell through, glitched and got stuck. Edit: I just beat the game with Lucia. You need to beat DMC2 with her and Dante to unlock Hard mode and The Bloody Palace.
  9. You have openly admitted to not having played the first two DMC games, so how would you be able to unbiasly judge that DM3 is indeed 'the greatest' DMC game? Instead of soaking up all of the hear-say, why don't you make that call for yourself instead of jumping on a bandwagon.
  10. Like others have said, the DMC series as a whole doesn't compare to the difficulty of Ninja Gaiden, however DMC does provide a great challenge that requires you to get used to numerous bought skills, and to devise strategies against the bosses. It also has a lot of unlockable difficulties. If you beat the games on hard, you'll get Dante Must Die mode. You might also want to check in on getting DMC4, as Capcom added in higher difficulty levels such as Heaven and Hell mode / Hell and Hell mode, so you can always revisit the games on the higher level difficulties. You may also enjoy the Bloody Palace segments in DMC 3 and 4, which are floors of enemies you must kill. There are also various Secret Missions hidden throughout the games that are next to impossible on higher difficulty settings and give a great challenge on normal settings as well.
  11. Honestly, it's a really great throw back to the DMC franchise. It's a little laughable about how they upgraded the main content quality, such as characters, backgrounds, enemies, etc. But for cutscenes, they left the original game scenes in there and they don't even take up the whole screen lol. I just got it a couple of days ago, the port isn't buggy at all. At least from what I've played. If you're a DMC fan, you'll enjoy it.
  12. Need most of the online achievements. I'm looking to sell this title ASAP, just finish it up. Gamertag: Verkolac Thorne I check daily, do not send blind friend requests. I am EST, I am free on weekends and anytime that is not between 5pm-10pm EST as that is when I work.
  13. Need all online achievements. Gamertag: Verkolac Thorne Send me a message via XBL, no blind friend requests will be accepted. I check daily.
  14. This game is dead online... I need all online achievements. Also for the regular edition of Street Fighter IV I need 500 Online Matches. Gamertag: Verkolac Thorne I check daily. Do not send a blind friend request, they will not be accepted. Send a message.
  15. Need all online achievements. Gamertag: Verkolac Thorne Send a message, no blind friend requests are accepted. I check daily.
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