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  1. Hey guys looking to boost 20 turret kills , shoot an enemy of a zipline , and 3 zipline escapes. I just can't seem to get these naturally. Tag: th3 sp3ciaiist
  2. I specifically need the "Fallen Idols" achievement , anyone else wana boost this? we need 5 all up i believe.
  3. Hey guys , i need to get S+ rank on one of the missions and i just cannot do it solo , i'm willing to do all the missions anyway if needed , so let's get a squad together and blitz it Tag : th3 sp3ciaiist
  4. I need a few of these as well. Please add me , Tag : th3 sp3ciaiist
  5. I know i'm a bit late to the party here , but i was looking to boost some of these multiplayer cheevos , if anyone else needs it i think we need a group of 5 all up , add me Tag: th3 sp3ciaiist
  6. LOL what the actual f*ck , i can't see me underslung grenade launcher it's just a hand holding nothing so now i can't shoot nades...thus can't complete the challenge this is total bullshit , i hate that potatoe headed fuck pitchford
  7. well , as the title says , when i start a mission it is there for a second then it vanishes...and the hand is just holding mid air...and i can't fire grenades..anyway know a fix or why this is happening?
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